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What happens when you take little kids and ask them about their crushes? Pure magic.
Buzzfeed created the most epic video about love ever and it involves some pretty adorable and actually very caring kids who are trying to navigate first crushes. Remember those? Shout out to Michael Cambria, I still have all your misspelt love letters.
I have to say, my favorite is the boy in the blue zippy. Not only is he the cutest ladies man ever, but he made me CRY LAUGHING.
Check out the video below.
Like how elfin' adorable?
Young love really is the best love....and I don't mean that awkward, angsty, tween love that we all wish we could forget. Im talking REAL LOVE.
Kid love.

Which kid was your favorite?

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Haha! Thanks!
2 years ago·Reply
There are so many red heads on this card lol. So many in one place!
2 years ago·Reply
haha both my youngins have red hair too
2 years ago·Reply
2 years ago·Reply
The boy with the blue shirt :)
2 years ago·Reply