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Tim Tebow, a former NFL quarterback (currently a free agent) and also ESPN broadcaster, held a prom last weekend. It wasn't no ordinary prom that you went to in high school.

It was a prom for over 32,000 people with special needs.

Tebow and his foundation, the Tim Tebow Foundation, hosted the event, "Night to Shine" in 200 churches across 48 different states and eight different countries.
And as you can see from the pic above, he was able to make an appearance at several of the locations hosting the event.
It's always cool to see professional athletes take part in charity work. But it's even cooler to see them host a prom for 32,000 people and the man in charge is Tim Tebow.

Great work Tebow!

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@RodneyYoung Ha! You kidding me bro? That is a lot of things you have to deal with! How's all of that going? Hopefully it's going smoothly for you!
@mchlyang lol ya its all going good as smooth as it can be
@RodneyYoung I'm glad bro! Hope to see you more often within the community!
@mchlyang you definitely will man thx
@RodneyYoung Perfect!