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Ok!! I'm dressed and now ohhh snap. "Tony!!?" "I got your Violin!" *Oh thank god!* I breath in and out and grab my violin case. I grabbed my violin from Tony and placed it inside. "Here." Tony gives me a brand new bow. "Ohh wow!! Its beautiful! Thank you Tony. For once you did something useful" I giggled. "Not funny" Tony smirks a little. We grabbed a taxi and off I go to YG Building. I'm actually nervous, my stomach is twisting and my hands are sweating. *Relax Ja-ni, just relax.... Ohhhh what if I messed up,,No No Shut Up Oh Ja-ni!!* "Come on Oh Ja-ni, we here" Tony helped me snapped out of it. I get off the car and Tony goes into a line to go inside as an audience and I enter inside through a garage. A man lead me into the practice room. Then he gives me a number .. This time I'm number 7. *You better be lucky* I placed the number on my shirt. I sat down and I see 9 other men getting ready. Today is either you play two instruments or one and do a dance. I look around and I see only two different instruments. #1 Has drum sticks #2 Has a cello *well,, umm ok* #3, #10 #4, & #5 are doing piano and #6,#8 &#9 are doing violin. *This is going to be hard* Then I young lady comes inside. "Alright everyone. This is the first round. The judges will be the same as the ones from auditions. They won't say no name. You will be called by your number. On this first round, you will be playing an instrument. So please get started. #1 you will up in 2 minutes." "Thank you" We all say and bow. Everyone started to whisper to each other, some started to get nervous and some starts to practice. "Excuse me, is that an electric Violin?" "Yes, it is." "Wow, its very beautiful. I bet it cost you a fortune." "Took me five years to get this baby." "Good luck out there." "You too" I bow and then smile. "#1, You may come in" Everyone clapped and cheered for #1. Then we sat down in front of a flat screen TV, which is recording live on stage. One by one each numbers are getting called. As I look through the audience. I can see some of YG kpop groups. Epik High, 2NE1, Ikon, Winner and ohhh my God, will I be damnn Its Big Bang!! The beauty, these boys are just ... "#7, Your next!" *Oh snap, oh snap* I grabbed my Violin and walk towards the stage.
"Everyone welcome #7 To the stage." I bow and the stage claps and cheer. Then I saw a poster which Tony is holding. It say "#7 will win" *This dude, he is too much* "What will you be playing tonight?" "An electric Violin" "What music you will be playing with your violin?" "Haru Haru." I saw the judges pop thier eyes open. and Big Bang sitting up straight. I breath in and out and slowly started breathing easy. I pick up my Violin and started playing. My emotions played along till the end. My heart danced through the melody. As I finished off the song. I bow and I felt so happy to hear the clapping and the cheering. Then I face the judges. CEO: You played well. For a sad song like that, your notes was on point. "Thank you" I bow Teddy: First of all. I really love your electric Violin. You played well. Definitely music into my ears. "Thank you" I bow Tablo: I think you played better than Big Bang. *Everyone laughs* The melody and the notes was great. You definitely played with the correct emotion. Good job. "Thank you" I bow. "Everyone a round of applause for #7!" I bow twice and walked out of the stage. As I enter inside the waiting room. Everyone clapped also. I blushed and tried to cover it up. But I just couldn't contain myself. I smile ear to ear and bow twice, thanking them. *Ohh wow!!!! That was so much fun. I can't believe I had the change to play a song for many Kpop Idols. * Ohhh how bad I want squeal and jump up and down. But ughh, I gotta contain myself. "Ok everyone, the first round is over. In the second round, you all have a choice to play a different instrument, or a dance. Please let us know if you are using the drums or the piano. Be ready in 10 minutes." The lady left the room.
I stand and went out of the waiting room and towards the bathroom. I look at the bathrooms. *Shit,, I'm a guy. Ohhh Mann!! This is sooo gross* I go inside the men bathroom. I enter and use the toilet real quick. Then I head to wash my hands *thank god no men is inside* Then someone enters. I quickly look up and I saw *oooohh mmyyy godd* Its ... it's... my eyes are just open. But I quickly put my head down.... *Im literally hearing him pee,, oh god* I quickly wash my heads and as I grabbed a paper towel to dry my hands, he spoke. "Are you number 7" "Yes, Hello." I turn with my head down and bow quickly. "I like how you play with the Violin. Very magical" "Thank you, umm. I must go. Nice to meet you" I bow and left. I walked out and quickly went to where the piano will be. *Ohh my ... I just saw Seungri in the bathroom and heard him pee. Wow!!!* Time past by and the numbers are being called randomly this time. I was placed last though. "Number 7. Your up" I started walking towards the stage and bow, then walk to the piano. "What the song for this one, #7?" "I'm doing Eyes, Nose and Lips, by Taeyang." "Proceed" "Thank you" I cracked my fingers and relax my body. I let my fingers take me away, and my soul sing. I even started humming towards the melody. I went to a different world. Then the song ended. As my fingers stop playing, my heart beats fast. I smile and feel satisfied. The audience was cheering. As I stand and face the judges, I bow three times to the audience. I saw Taeyang standing and clapping. *Wow!! Wow!! Imma die* CEO: No words to explain of how well you play. That was amazing. "Thank you" I bow Teddy: Wow! Your hands are magic. Very nice. "Thank you" I bow Tablo: I don't know what to say. The music made me sing. But I think Taeyang has a few words for you. *Really!!!??? Ohh god they trying to freaking kill me!!* Taeyang: That was very awesome. I've heard playing the song in YouTube, but to have a chance to see it with my own eyes. It made me happy. You was great. "Thank you" I bow. *Yup, I'm dying* "Alright everyone. We will be doing the votes. The number is below for those watching on TV, the audience will have a button on their hands. Choose who you want to see tomorrow on the Last round." I go back inside the waiting room. I grabbed a bottle of water and drank it like no mercy. Then the door opens. It was Big Bang. *I'm going to be murdered* Everyone bows "Hello" everyone said. Big Bang bows also and sit in front of all of us. We all sat down. GD "We will like to say to those who ever will be in the last round tomorrow, congratulations. We saw many talented people tonight." YB "I'm glad to see how much work and effort you all placed tonight. I know you all are nervous., but you all did great. SR "Tonight was awesome. Many talents. You all did great tonight." T.O.P "To those who will be disqualified, don't give up. Its the beginning to work harder . " DS "Always smile and be happy. You all made it to this competition. Be proud of yourself." GD "Stay strong. We will be looking forward to those who will be the next new male kpop group." "Thank you" We all said and bow to them. Then they stand and left the room. Everyone was just wowed and excited to see Big Bang. *I'm dying ... ohh I know I'm dying* "Alright everyone, into the stage, from #1 - #10. Time for the results. Good Luck" Everyone lines up, in front of the audience. I look forward and I see many people cheering and putting posters up. I see many numbers , including mines. * I feel so special...Snap out of it Ja-ni* "Welcome back everyone. Now the votes are in and lets see the first five winners. So let's check them out." We all look up the screen. My heart is thumping faster. I can't breath. Then it pops out. #5 #9 #4 #3 & #7. *Ooh ooh ooh... that's me .. ahhhhhh that's me* I smiled and then I bow. "Congratulations to the top five, which had the highest votes. Now its time for the lowest votes. The last three lowest votes will be going home tonight. Let's see the results." I saw how nervous they all getting. I feel bad, then I look up at the screen. #2 #10 & #8 I saw how sad they gotten. It broke my heart. "We are sorry to see you all go home, but don't give up. Now the last remaining will be going to the finals tomorrow night. Well everyone this is it for tonight. Thank you for watching. Till tomorrow everyone." Everyone goes to the waiting room. And I saw the three guys tearing up. Those who won gave them a hug and a pat on their backs. Then one by one everyone started leaving. "Heyyy J.J" Tony screamed. Boy was I happy to see him. "OMG!! What a blast. Let's hurry and go home" "Why?" "You'll know"
We arrived at home ... once I closed the door behind me and put my violin down. I started screaming and squealing. I'm jumping up and down. *Ohhhb my god,,, Freedom!!* "You've been holding it in huh?" "Tony, you have no idea. Taeyang saying how well I played, and Big Bang giving us couragement, and OH MY GOD Tony. I had to got to the bathroom and I have to pretend that I'm a guy, I go inside the men's room. I legit hears Seungri pee." "Umm ewww" Tony said. "Ewww??? Well a little, but I didnt care. At the same time I was embarrassed and wanted to leave the bathroom. Ohh god. I thought I was gonna faint." "How will you be if you won the competition." "Damn. I haven't thought about that" My face becamed poker. The. Tony laughs. "you will be fine. You got this!" "Yes I do!!" "Ok ,, now go to bed. Its finals tomorrow" "Definitely, night Tony." "Night punk" As I went into my room. I put my PJs . I went to my drawer and took out my Journal. I started writing my day. *What a day!! Wow, Big Bang!!* I squealed. Bang Bang Bang Tony bangs the wall and he shouts "Go to bed!!" I smile so cheesy and just giggles quietly. *I hope I won this.*
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Omg it's so good, I was fangirling, and dying the whole time with her like omg, I would LOVE to hear one of the Bigbang members (Daesung) pee!!! Sounds weird, but it would be interesting, omg, I'm sorry I'm just weird
That pee part though..😞 Lol, it was very good!!!!
Seungry* sorry !
So funny seeing Seunry pee! Hihihi! Nice story . Keep on writing . You are good ! Tag me please.
Omg I'm loving this so far eeeppp
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