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SORRY I HAVEN'T POSTED ANYTHING!!! Last week the spring semester started (at college) it was truly hectic! I even had an essay to do which was due today!!! (*^*) Aish.... -starts muttering how its unfair- I guess if you want to know what my classes feel free to ask! Well here are the rest of the days of this wonderful challenge!
27. Three favorite pictures of Hyungwon The model! My last bias in this group!! I swear this boy doesn't get enough love... I kind of cheated and put more pictures but that's because I want to show him to you all! I am very proud of him no matter what anyone says about him >~<
28. Favorite dorky/funny picture of every member When Wonhoe becomes Wonhuh.... (could also be used as when Minhyah! becomes Minuhh idk) -goes hide in a corner growing mushrooms- I'm lame I know Yes I laugh at Hyungies judging face.... Jooheon has honey rolls heh heh
29. Which member would you like to date? All of them.....but no on a serious note here. From what I have seen it would either be Hyungie or Changkyun. I am not the MOST loudest person but! I could be.... and I don't really talk much so either of these would do heh. I could go for Shownu who also doesn't talk but....hmm I only see him as a brother figure ^~^
30. Interview/Song/MV/etc. that made you fall for your bias. The question is which one??? Okay I have three solid biases in this we will start with the order I was chosen.... First was their Hero song...nuff said Second Hyungwon....No Mercy the show..... Third Changkyun....Amen special video (cat ears) and this sky rocketed him up to first place!
Good luck with all that school stuff too LOL