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I was tagged by my chica @jordanhamilton for this Fleek Challenge. Basically you just post a picture of you when you felt hot! This was my first time wearing black lipstick. I thought I was hot lol... @ashleyemmert @BulletproofV @shannonl5 @LAVONYORK @ButterflyBlu @SugaOnTop @PrettieeEmm @alywoah @TessStevens
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You look great! I want to get more comfortable wearing lipstick because I think they're pretty, but I always feel uncomfortable wearing it !!!
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Beautiful!! @alywoah find a color that you like and run with it, girl! Experiment until you find one that you feel confident wearing!
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@alywoah well I'm a lip gloss girl but I couldn't find a black lip gloss then. Thanks to NYX I have one. I just bought a cheap brand Fergie wet and wild and applied a gloss over it. @ButterflyBlu thanks chica.
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love this! I always wanted to try black lipstick, but never put myself up to the challenge. you nailed it though!
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