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So I'm at Barnes&Nobles today to get Volume 4 of Kamisama Kiss and when I walk in I see this on the back of a magazine:
I of course went over to see what it was, expecting it to be Otaku USA or something, but no. I turn to the front to this:
We have invaded preteen magazines! An important time of self discovery can now be dating anime boys! Mission Accomplished! 馃憤馃徎馃槀
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@InVinsybll I'm ten and I don't know mainly cause I don't care about that stuff
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@InVinsybll @gabbycalzada I know 4 by name and a few more but not by name.
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@SarahSutcliff oh really
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@gabbycalzada Im 16 so I feel like a child for knowing, but a few are from just before the Disney years ended and the bottom corner is a band popular girls keep talking about so that's why.
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making waves invading the main stream but @InVinsybll nobody on that cover is worth the time anyway haha
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