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Ahhh , Its refreshing to talk about girls instead of guys all the time (not that I don't love it).
Hello friends!!
I thought it was high time to write about a girl. I chose Tomoko Kuroki from WataMote. Why? because she is pretty relatable (in my opinion) and is like me in many ways.
Tomoko in almost always seen with heavy bags under her eyes due to her staying up late playing video games and watching anime. She can sometimes be perverted.
She often daydreams a lot and in the first episode was a complete loner.
she is like me in many ways, for example the bags under her eyes and the loner part.
Let me know what female anime character you want me to right next!!!
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omg i used to watch this all the time it was allmost the first anime i ever watched! i loved her, she was like my bff (who doesnt exist irl) lol fml