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Today marks the 7th day since I've committed myself to vegetarianism for at least 40 days for Lent. I actually had gone vegetarian for a few days longer than that, but I marked Ash Wednesday as the official day.
It's starting to become easier and easier. I've been very creative with my meals, and it has actually been a very fun experience so far. What has really been saving my ass is the fact that tofu 'chkn' patties exist and they hit the spot. They truly taste like chicken (nuggets/patties), so it's satisfying some of my meat cravings.
For the first few days I was was craving a sloppy steak, but the cravings are becoming less intense. Although, I do feel my knees buckle when the smell of cooked meat tease my nostrils.
What I found interesting was that the other day when I was at the grocery story passing the meat section, I felt my stomach feel a little sick when seeing all the pinks and reds stacked up on a display.
I think the reason why this is happening is that when we eat meat, we can become pretty detached on what we're really eating. Instead of thinking of a bloody, cut up pig when we eat bacon, we just think of bacon. Does this mean I am sincerely not interested in meat anymore? Not really. I still would love to have things like bacon.
[[Just trying to be real hereeeee]]
I am still having these weird dreams that I accidentally eat meat. Sort of freaks me out, honestly. But I am being extra careful about what I am putting on to my plate. What helps though is that I don't really have my own meat in kitchen. I only have frozen shrimp I had bought before Lent, that I didn't end up eating. But that has been left untouched.

Some of the foods I have made so far are:

-Vegetarian chili with Morning Star crumbles
-'Chkn' sandwich
-'Chkn' salad
- Homemade pizza with buffalo 'chkn'

Photos of my food in the past 7 days:

Homemade pizza made with spinach, basil, and buffalo 'chkn'

This was my first (actually second) time making a personal pizza. The first pizza I made didn't come out quite right. I think it's because I had added pesto before the sauce, and the oil may have screwed up the dough. the dough was sort of chewy. The second time I made the pizza, I just added the sauce, cheese, spinach, and drops of pesto on the very top. It was perfect.

Vegan chili made with Morning Star crumbles.

I would like to mention that this chili was truly amazing. The Morning Star crumbles when cooked has the same chewy texture as ground beef. And it soaks up the flavors from all the spices I threw in there. With the right amount of chili powder, tomato sauce, basil, taco seasoning -- this chili was the vegetarian twin of the meat counterpart. As someone who enjoys meat, I am telling you that this chili was BOMB.

Dark red beans, brown rice, a light side salad, and buffalo 'chkn.'

Pretty simple lunch I had the other day. Cool fact: rice and beans make a complete protein (just gotta make sure they're pretty equal in distribution).
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I feel you. Being Puerto Rican and vegetarian is hard as hell lol. We eat meat with every meal and it's usually pork! I think if I still lived with my family, it would be really difficult to stick to the vegetarian diet. I wonder if your teacher looked young because of his food choices, or because of genetics! I know people who have terrible diets, but age well! @hhead232
@alywoah The dude was a hippie and used to tell us about drinking shroom tea so idk lol. Yea it definitely takes commitment.
no is not, it's easy we eat a lot of vegetables we eat plantains hey fry potato sweet plantains with eggs and don't forget the rice and so please its pretty easy I don't eat meat
and I'm Puerto Rican
eat boil plantains boil potatoes and plain white rice and salad you be good