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by Mistress Siren I pushed him away No this can't happen again I can't have it end this way... Panic times a hundred ten I can't go another day Not alone, I know when... He'll drop me and leave me Wasted and walking I love you, baby Don't stop talking Voice for a maybe Please no blocking I can't, I just can't anymore Alone as go Through heaven and hell's door I don't want him to know The pain and how I suffer for Fear he'll leave... this I know You should stand by none But how can I? The battle's not won And he'll surely say goodbye In crying wake I'll see sun But it's set for night's run
Hope you all don't mind the depressing stuff, considering that's all I'm good at. This was interesting to write. As always, if you would like to be tagger when I post new poetry, let me know in the comments! Tag List: @AnimeFan4Evr
wats the name of that pic
is that picture a anime pic!!!
uuuuuuuhhhh was feeling so frikin bored!!!!!! thx now I feel better, a lil sad, but better. I luvd it
@charlesnash I don't know the name but it is a fan art for the anime Soul Eater with Death the Kid and Liz
@AnimeFan4Evr thank you! I'm really glad you enjoyed it, sorry it was a lil sad x3