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Cute love it
still hate it. I can't not hate Hinata. and during the stupid pain fight she gave up her life, even though Naruto was fighting to protect it. she's just a worthless ninja, and she knows it. plus Naruto's new haircut is straight awful.
@JoeyNelson well at least Hinata that ninja had the guts to fight although it was not good!
Everybody in the village had the guts to fight. Konohamaru even took down a member of pain by himself. Hinata just went there to die in front of Naruto. she's worth nothing, and the writer just paired her with Naruto because everybody needed to have a lover for some dumb reason. he should've just found another ninja from another village, like how Luffy found boa Handcock. maybe he would've still had cool ass hair too. okay now that that's out of my system, I can't be mean to Hinata because she's sweet and wouldn't ever hurt anyone. BUT goodness gracious is it frustrating setting her ever! I want to scream and throw everything around me at her. I guess she makes a good wife, but God dammit is she a worthless ninja.