Cause I don't love 2PM enough seriously they're the only groups whose songs I can learn and sing along too thanks @jessicaacosta90 for this awesome game
1. hey, you must have the wrong door 2. Oh my dam there's more (in a really low voice) 3. Umm but I thought they were mine 4. You talk to yourself too huh? 5. I never turn down free FOOD 6. You can take me anywhere 7. But can you drive? 8. I think I'm his type *squealing* 9. Don't worry there's plenty of me to split into 6ths 10. Only cuz you're cute.. and it apparently all goes toward that Cake!!
11. I don't always blush but dam 12. You and me both.. 13. Why make it so obvious dude 14. Did he pay? maybe 15. You deep down know you're my favorite right? 16. He loves music like me 17. Ok I get it you want to wrestle 18. All my thoughts are like that pss 19. *Junho* 20. Ok chill I'm just asking
21. You call that a kiss? I'll show you a real goodnight kiss 22. Oh I'll be sleeping on your doorstep 23. Its ok Junho I'm right next door. 24. Jumped back into him 25. My new sexy idiots
@PrettieeEmm I know it!!
lmao sleeping on the doorstep
this 😲😍😍😍 2PM, the abs of these men
@ElleHolley I would too πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚