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So we all have heard of the incidents Chanyeol has had with crazy fans. But this has gotten way out of hand and he's decided that enough is enough.
He uploaded these two photos to Instagram where he pleaded fans to stop invading his privacy.
He then captioned the photo saying "Stop!!!!!!!!!" "Stopitstopitstopitstopitstopit." The post was later deleted.
I honestly can't believe how crazed fans can be and this just gives us international fangirls an even worse rep. I just hope he realizes that not all of us are obsessed stalkers...

What do you think of this issue??

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I think some fans need to chill and realize how annoying and obnoxious they are being. Im sure no K-idol enjoys having their privacy invaded or attacked....I feel really bad for Chanyeol and I hope these certain crazy fans realize the pain they are causing these idols and stop being idiots.
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#LEAVECHANYEOLALONE you fans need to calm down!!! how would you feel if someone invaded your privacy??馃槧 I would hate it!! Give Chanyeol some privacy!! don't y'all have a life or something!!!馃槧 do everybody a big favor and stop stalking, or invading other Kpop idols!! it's really childish!!
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Honestly, whose that stupid to not know that idols are humans too? To just invade someone's privacy like you can just do that is just sad. It's his life you shouldn't just barge in on it without his permission.. And I agree, this does give international fans a horrible reputation.. I hate people like these..
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#LEAVECHANYEOLALONE they all just need to stop 馃槨馃槨馃槨
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....This pisses me off.... Some fans just need to calm down and realize this idols that they treat like this are just normal people like us!!!! And I doubt anyone would want to be treated like this.... >.<
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