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I personally think he is by far the most interesting athlete in the world of professional sports. Yes, he does get made fun of a lot...but he's cool with that.

In fact, he's so chill with his "ugly" style of baseball that he made this video.

When I get a kid someday, I'm definitely going to send him to Hunter's Hitters Youth Baseball Camp!

This one's for my fellow Giants fans!
HAHAAHAHA he sure does know how to have a good time!
Hahahahah the Sandman Flute part made me laugh out loud. I like how even if your kid ends up being a horrible baseball player, at least they get to play Hunter Pence in Mortal Kombat!
@mchlyang Yeah man. He is such a chill dude.
@danidee HAHAHAHAAHA that was my favorite part as well