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Kai- EXO
Wow i can't believe this mc would say such a thing to her. Jongin aka, kai is an amazing person just how he stepped in for her and saying she is perfect and not fat. I Don't understand why people say such nasty rumors about him. Not everyone is perfect ok. Lets appreciate kai for what he has done. kai fighting❤❤❤❤
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wow! that was hella rude! wth!
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Exactly! how can he say that to her like that!? So rude!
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he does realize that he was rude af and needs to sit his ass down somewhere cause he ain't the thinnest one in the room. why is her weight any of his business, is he her body now? is he her doctor? no, so he needs to chill. Kai is amazing for this.
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where is this from???? please tell me
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