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Now, I don't know exactly how true this is for EVERYONE, but it definitely had me thinking about how my grandparents went through together by my age vs. what my dating life looks like.
Back when Grandma and Grandpa DaniDee were my age, they were already raising four boys! That's so wild.
How about your grandparents? Do you know a lot of their story? What were they like when they were your age?
I took a very long time looking at the first picture and wondering why the lady was smaller than the guy
I don't know a whole lot about my grandparents on either side, but I do know that my grandma was a slight rebel for her time. She did some partying in her time. I don't know much about her love life, but she did have 3 children, that I know of. She raised her children while she lived with polio, and was in a wheelchair. I met my boyfriend at a past job. We kinda dated for a while, lost touch, then he found me on Facebook about 4 years later. That was almost 5 years ago. So my story isn't very similar to this illustration, but it's also not far off.It's also a hell of a thing to think about how many kids people were raising at my age, back in the day. Some were pretty much done having them at this age. I have 1, but couldn't imagine having a bunch!
pretty close to my wife and my story... the second on...13 years later, still together
My Grandpa took my grandmother out to the hotdog shoppe for their first date, which I think was a blind date because it was a Friday during lent and she's very Catholic. They don't have a fish option but, Somehow it worked. My bf and I met online and our fist date went so bad that I wouldn't go on another with him for about a year. since we were friends at that point it went really well.
oh my grandma was WILD. I wish she was still here to tell me more about it cus I know she didn't share everything with my dad.
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