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Genre: Angst
Members: Jimin x You; Jungkook; Minors appearances from other members
Part: 2/6
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Summary: You had always heard of women finding out unexpectedly that their boyfriend was cheating. But how many could say they sat there and watched the attraction unfold?
When you dropped by the dorm a few days later, only to see Jimin and Jungkook on the floor fighting, you couldn’t entirely say that you weren’t expecting them to immediately drag you into it; and they did.
Jungkook, restrained by Rap Monster and Jhope, was shouting,”You’re despicable, hyung! She trusted you-!”
“And I trusted you! You’re no better!”
This was retorted from Jimin who was held back by V and Jin. In between the two groups was Yoongi, a scowl on his face as he scolded the them, all while trying to figure out was was going on. You noticed that he had his arms stretched out between them, acting as some sort of barrier incase one of them got free. Occasionally, Yoongi would raise a threatening finger at Jungkook or Jimin when they got to close to each other.
Turning and leaving seemed to be a good idea right now. As you slowly turned back towards the door, the sound of a shoe hitting the wall gathered the attention of the room. Glancing down you saw one of boy’s shoelaces tangled with yours. By now the room was silent. Facing the living room once more, you saw all the boys staring at you standing there awkwardly. Jimin locked eyes with you and immediately tugged at his restraints to get to you. Seeing him move around, Jungkook began protesting, “Don’t let him go to her, hyung!”
Jin and V cast a quick glance to the maknae before sharing a look. By the way Jungkook was acting, it seemed Jimin did something bad to you, but you were his girlfriend, not Jungkook’s. They didn’t really have any right or authority to keep Jimin away from you. Still not too sure on what was going on, they released him anyway. Yoongi tensed, when Jimin stood there for a moment, sending a smug look to Jungkook. The moment he took a step towards you unrestrained, Jungkook lunged out, slipping out from Rap Monster and Jhope’s grip as well as completely shoving Yoongi out of the way.
He managed to get a finger looped through Jimin’s bracelet and pull with all his strength. The usually playful Jimin didn’t hesitate in turning back on Jungkook, but didn’t get far as Yoongi shoved his way back in between them. “Sit down!” He snapped, two handedly shoving Jimin back. Huffing, Jimin stood there stiffly, looking for a way around Suga. “I said sit down,” He repeated.
Rolling his eyes, Jimin turned towards the couch, which had been pushed back at an angle in the fight. In one fluid motion, he continued past the couch, his arm wrapping around your waist as he led you through the front door. He kicked the door shut, muffling Jungkook’s vehement shouting which only got louder as he led you away from it.
You watched as he ran his hand through his disheveled hair and rubbed his nose with the back of his hand. The walk down the hall was quiet, Jimin’s fingers progressively digging deeper into your hip as Jungkook’s muffled, “Y/N!” echoed through the halls. When it got to the point where it felt like his nails were pressing into your bare skin, you flinched, pushing his hand away from you. To your horror, he, without missing a beat, twisted his wrist and snatched up your forearm before forcefully tugging you back to his side, his arm wrapping around your waist once more. “I’m your boyfriend, Y/N, don’t shove me away.”
You felt a protest bubbling from your lips, but it died out as his grip loosened and he whispered,” I’m sorry..I probably scared you. I didn’t mean to be so aggressive, I just…you pushing me away hurts.” Jimin licked his lips,”And when you did that, I kinda just, I don’t know, I thought for a moment if I was Jungkook you probably wouldn’t have done that and it made me angry and I just reacted.” You felt his fingertips slip under your shirt, calmly rubbing over the indentations from his nails. As you both came to a halt in front of the elevator, you watched him pressed the down button. What puzzled you was that he was holding his finger there longer than necessary, his nail bed turning a purplish color with the pressure. After a few seconds with the door still not opening, he pressed it again, then began pounding on the button with the palm of his hand.
You grasped his hand and held it to your body, “Jimin,” you murmured,”Be patient.” He nodded quietly, rubbing at his face again while pulling his arm away. A ding resounded from the door as they slid open. He got on before you backing into a corner and leaning against the railing. As the door closed, your phone began to vibrate. Fishing it out, you heard his voice pipe up,
“Who’s that?”
Staring at the caller ID, Jungkook’s name and photo flashed. Your hesitance had him releasing a strained sigh; in a matter of seconds he had reached over and snatched the phone from your hands. Looking down at the name, you were given a suspicious look by your boyfriend. The vibrating was abruptly cut off by Jimin as he shoved it in his back pocket. He retreated back into his corner and crossed his hands over his chest, staring blanking at the control panel. Seeing as he wasn’t going to speak up anytime soon, you asked what was on your mind this entire time,“Oppa, what happened?”
He laughed dryly, uncrossing and recrossing his arms.”Jungkook likes you, which shouldn’t be a surprise, he’s practically shoved up your-”
“Oppa!” You cut in angrily. Whether he was upset right now at Jungkook or not, he was still his brother and dorm mate. Jimin shouldn’t be speaking of him with such a tone.
He rolled his eyes,” Anyway, just because I was friendly with another girl, he planned blow everything out of proportion and tell you that I was cheating on you with Eunsae to try to break us up. I guess he figured you’d go running straight into his arm or something. Either way, I don’t even like Eunsae.” Even when denying that he felt anything for Eunsae, his cheeks reddened.
You wondered if anyone had admitted to Jimin that he was a terrible liar. That whenever he lied, he’d tug at his ear, or chew on his bottom lip persistently. Watching him writhe, you noticed that he also shifted his weight from one leg to the other. He frowned at your silence as well as your attentiveness to his legs and stood still,”Well? Don’t tell me you believe Jungkook, do you?”
Blood rushed to your cheeks at being put on the spot. Usually Jimin would ask you something, but answer it for you. It wasn’t often that he actually wanted your opinion (unless he knew for sure that it would be a compliment to him). The sudden realization of this saddened you. He obviously liked her. It was an initial attraction, not one that was built up over time. You watched the elevator numbers slowly decrease,”You like her.” His eyes snapped up to your face, arms hanging limply at his side. He, too was blushing now,
“What?” he whispered. You silently applauded him for having the decency to pretend to be confused. For someone who usually had no problem looking you in the eyes, it seemed now that Jimin was unable to. His gaze would meet yours for a few seconds before cutting away, his blush spreading down his neck. Feeling sick to your stomach, you stared quietly at him.
Honestly, you didn’t understand why he was trying to deny it; it was frustrating, in fact.“You like Eunsae unnie.” You deadpanned,” Jungkook saw, I saw, even Yoongi hyung saw.” Why did he beat around the bush? It didn’t bother you too much that he liked her, what bothered you was the way he was acting about. He acted as if he was doing something he wasn’t supposed to. Jimin knows that you can’t be angry with him for liking someone, but what you can be mad about is if he tried to pursue something with his attraction.
Jimin’s confusion quickly morphed into anger, “Is that what Jungkook said? What, does he decided everything for you now?” He had pulled away from his corner to back you into the opposite one, “ ‘Ah, Y/N I don’t think Jimin hyung likes you, you should break up with him~’. Isn’t that what he said right after we started dating?” His change from defensive to offensive surprised you. Jimin was never so confrontational. Was he trying to forge some sort of relationship with Eunsae?
You gulped, fully aware of how close he was standing,”Yes, but…”
“But what?”
“He also told me to look for myself. So even if I take out Jungkook and Yoongi oppa, it still stands that I know you like Eunsae unnie.” You explained weakly. The railing on the wall pressed into your lower back as you tried to stand as far away from him as possible. The veins on his arms were beginning to show as the muscles constricted and retracted on either side of you.
He let out an aggravated breath, “Are you serious!? You’re accusing me of cheating now?”
Your jaw dropped at this. When did the word cheating ever leave your mouth? “No! It’s..I think it’s normal, or at least unavoidable to like someone…e-even if you’re dating someone else-” His glare sharpened, jaw clenching painfully as his hand gripped the railing next to you tightly. Taking a quick peek, you saw his knuckles turning white, the rings on his fingers pressing harshly into his skin. Your phone in his back pocket started to ring and he took a moment to glance at it. Quickly it was silenced and shoved out of sight, but not before you caught the timid grin of Jungkook’s contact photo. Your boyfriend locked eyes with you again.
“Is this some shitty way of admitting that you like Jungkook?” he hissed dangerously low. Mouth agape, you spluttered,
“What!? No! Jimin, let me finish! I’m trying to say that it’s normal to like someone even if you’re in a relationship, but it’s what you do that makes it right or wrong-”
He smirked angrily, tongue running along his front teeth,”Still sounds like you’re trying to justify your relationship with Jungkook.” Why did he keep turning this around to you and Jungkook? You had practically ignored the maknae’s existence for him! There was nothing going on between the two of you. Jimin stretched his neck muscles,”If anything, I have the right to spend more time with Eunsae after all the time you spend cuddling up to Jungkook.”
Several things clicked in your mind, each making you angrier and angrier. Exactly what ‘right’ did he have? Secondly, ‘more’? So, he had spent time with Eunsae either before or after you saw her at the photoshoot. And thirdly, when did you ‘cuddle up’ to Jungkook? Uncharacteristically, you stepped up to Jimin angrily, jabbing your finger into his chest. He backed off a bit in shock. He wasn’t used to you retorting back in an argument.
Shamefully, you’d admit that your entire world revolved around keeping Jimin smiley and cuddly. If he didn’t like the color purple on you, than there goes all your purple clothes. Didn’t like how Jhope sat too close to you? Bye-bye Jhope. Complained that whenever he called you, you seemed distracted? No more distractions.
It wasn’t often that Jimin wanted your attention, but on the few occasions that he did, he expected all of it. Unlike you, who had to share his attention with dozens of other people all the time. Realizing how pathetic you were and how unfair Jimin was made you angry. And understandably so. It felt good to see how shocked he was that you weren’t submissively agreeing to everything he was saying and spouting out apologies and ‘I’ll never do that again, oppa’.
“Stop mentioning Jungkook!” You snapped,” And what did you mean by ‘more’ time with Eunsae? Is that why you’ve been ignoring me for the past few days? Why your fancafe posts are lovey dovey poems that I know for sure aren’t directed at me? Park Jimin, I may be young, but I know when someone’s trying to ignore me. Just like I’ve been ignoring Jungkook for you! I know him and I being so close in age make you uncomfortable, and I respect that. I’ve already said all this before. This entire time, I’ve been talking about you and Eunsae! Do you see me fawning over Jungkook? No. Ever see me tucked away in a corner trying to hold his hand? No. Do I step away from him with a stupid grin on my face? No, never! But if we rewind to a few days ago, we’ll see you doing all that with Eunsae. You could barely stand straight in front of her!”
His hand slapped yours away, as he took a threatening step forward. Your grandmother had always warned you never to provoke a man, but you always assumed that it was just because of the time she grew up in. He may love you to the moon and back, but provocation makes even the most docile man snap at some point, was what she had said. Jimin never seemed like the type to retaliate, but the way he forced his way forward had you stumbling back in reflexive instinct as he pointed his finger in your face,”At least she makes me feel something!”
Your mouth instantly dried up, and you stupidly gaped at him. Leaning heavily against the railing and so very confused, you could only softly whisper,”What?”
Jimin continued to glare,”Five months with you and I’ve never felt as alive as 20 minutes with her-” The elevator dinged as the doors slide open. You glanced at him, seeing that he made no move to get off. The initial anger was gone, and he could only stare guiltily at you, tears welling up in his eyes at your lost expression.
“So you do like her.” You finalized. He bit his lip harshly,
”Y/N, that.. I didn’t mean that. I don’t think…I don’t think now’s a good time to talk about this. I’ll text you later.” He reached into his back pocket, pulling out your cell phone. The dumb thing chimed with several missed calls and texts.
Too numb to reach for the phone, you could only blankly stare at his hand offering it out, tears brimming in your own eyes. Five months of dating you, and it took him 20 minutes with Eunsae to feel ‘alive’? Girls were supposed to be sad about these kinds of things, right? So why did you feel undeniably angry? Sniffling, you looked at him once more,
“Jungkook was right about you.”
He frowned,”Wha-”
You snatched the phone,”Jeon Jungkook was right about you, a-and I feel utterly stupid for not listening to him. Five months and nothing? You don’t feel anything? I-” His guilt morphed into accusation before vanishing completely as his gaze drifted off somewhere over your shoulder. A nervous grin spread across his lips, then he was shoving you behind him.
“Eunsae! H-how are you?” He cast you a quick glance,”Y/N, change your face.” He warned, stepping forward to envelop her into a hug. Eunsae returned the gesture, leaning to the side to get a look at you, Jimin was blocking her in a second, “Ah, Y/N’s having a bad day, please excuse her.” Eunsae frowned,
“I hope it turns out better, Y/N-ssi.” She murmured. You nodded behind your hands, hoping she wouldn’t mention your red, puffy eyes. Jimin smiled at her, he was obviously fawning over her concern for you. A movement somewhere off the elevator had you turning away, hoping no one else would see your face.
“Y/N!” The three of you snapped your attention to the left. Jungkook shoved his way into the small lift, a desperate but relieved look in his eyes. “I thought..I thought you had left with him,” he breathed, looking at his hyung briefly, ”I called you but…” Jimin tried to subtly give his younger brother a hint to back off by holding his arm out in front of you, and it seemed to work. Jungkook’s bold demeanor faltered as his feet paused in their stride. He stood there, defeated, staring between you and Jimin sadly. That is until he locked eyes with Eunsae to Jimin’s left. Once he saw her, he pushed Jimin’s arm away and advanced to you. Jimin didn’t try to stop him. Eunsae furrowed her brows at the odd scene, but felt out of place to comment.
Burying your face deeper into your hands, you turned away from the maknae, but soon enough he was there, gently grasping your wrists, whispering softly to you. “Y/N, you trust me right? You don’t have to hide from me..” As your hands slowly lowered, Jimin cleared his throat as a last attempt at a warning. Jungkook sent him a glare, before focusing back on you when his hands, that hand been slowing lowering yours, resisted him. He relaxed, not forcing you to lower your arms, “Y/N, Jimin is not the boss of you,” he whispered by your ear softly.
Jimin stiffened, quickly placing a hand on Eunsae’s shoulder, and gently pushing her in the direction of the control panel,”Eunsae, you need the elevator, right? Let us get out of your way.” He gripped you and Jungkook, leading you both out of the elevator and waving goodbye to her. Once the doors shut, his arm wrapped around your shoulders and pulled your hands out of his younger brother’s grip,”Y/N, we need to go talk, say goodbye to Jungkookie please.”
Jungkook shook his head furiously. He knew first hand, that you may be adamant about something, but once you and Jimin talked alone, you’d end up blindly following whatever he said,”Y/N, you saw… Don’t tell me you’re just going to ignore this..?”
Jungkook pulled at is hair in frustration,”She’s even at the dorms! What reason does she have to be here? Honestly.” As much as you wanted to do something about what was happening, ignoring it was so much easier. Jimin had finally admitted that he like Eunsae, but he didn’t dump you on the spot. That meant he still wanted to be with you, right? As if Jungkook could read your thoughts, he scowled. “If you go with him, Y/N, you’re going to regret it.” At your lack of response he bit out,”Go ahead! Go to your perfect oppa, who does nothing wrong, and then in a few weeks don’t be surprised when he hurts you.” Jungkook angrily looked between the two of you,”And don’t expect anything from me.” He stomped off, boots thudding heavily against the ground.
Jimin sighed,”I’ll talk to him later.” He kissed your temple,”He’s just jealous.” He led you towards the exit,”We’ll be happy, he’ll see.”
You frowned,”What did he mean ‘will be’? Wasn’t he already happy?”

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