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This takes the cake for being the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen. During the recent concert in Vancouver EXO members were put in a situation once again where they feared for their safety. Link to full article >HERE<
EXO led a chant of "One Step Back" during the concert on two occasions just to urge fans to leave breathing room. A local paper reported that fans had to be evacuated due to mild injuries and described EXO as begging their fans to remain calm.
This has led to concerns for the following concerts in Chicago and Newark dealing with safety. Despite the serious situation EXO has decided to just finish up these concerts and finish the North American part of their tour.

How do you think this will impact EXO's outlook on America??

I think that alot of Kpop Idols look down on their international fans because of how some fans make us look....I'm sure that if I was at the concert, I would have been going crazy because I feel that not alot of korean idols and groups visit and perform in America and other countries other than S. Korea...this does make me jealous because I feel that they are much closer and perform more activities with their fans in South Korea....but I think that these particular international fans who can't calm down, even after being asked....need to check themselves before they wreck themselves....😎(sorry i had to)...but seriously....they shouldn't have been that wild....they should have tried their best to chill a bit.
oh geez, I hope this won't stop them from coming you know how much gas I would need to haul my car across the ocean?! 😱
This is why we can't have nice things! The pit is just a dangerous place to be no matter who is putting on the concert. There will always be those people that think they can rush the stage and get closer, regardless of who is around them. They don't take the safety of others into account as long as they get what they want and it sets a terrible example for international artists, who are not used to this mentality. I hope the fans that were injured are alright and that this doesn't make EXO, or other artists, weary of returning. :(
Man, I'm so tired of people making us all look bad. This is why people barely come here as it is.
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