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It feels like I'm always followed by a shadow. Something dark that lurks in the corners of my eyes, my thoughts. Something strange and evil and amorphous, always lingering, waiting for times when I'm vulnerable enough, susceptible enough, for its influences.
I like to personify things like this. I think it comes with the 'imaginative territory' of a writer. If I am that. In any case, I'd like to think this malevolent shadow that follows me around is a fox.
Foxes slink around, and you don't always hear them coming. They are sly and cunning hunters who can lure prey into a false sense of security.
Then they pounce.
Like the small girl with the red hood I feel like I avoid this creature to the best of my ability. But the fact remains that I must be lucky to avoid it every day.
It only needs to get lucky once.
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very nicely written!