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Spring is around the corner, which means many people are getting their bodies right for the warm weather that is around the bend.
Everyone is looking for a quick and healthy way to beef up their beach bod. Today, a new method has come to the forefront: beet juice.
According to Friedman Sprout, beet juice could be just what athletes and bodybuilders need to help bolster their workouts.
Some of the positive effects of beet juice are:
Lowering blood pressure
Enhancing exercise capacity, in certain situations
Lowering the amount of O2 your muscles need for submaximal and maximal exercise
Delaying the decline in cognitive function
Fighting inflammation
Providing nutrients and fiber
So, do yourself a favor and gulp down a glass or beet juice, you won't regret it in the long run!
Beet juice...interesting choice haha
This is really interesting info. I'm kinda over the whole "beach body" thing... I'd rather be happy than look good. But being healthy is a different thing. I love beets, so drinking beet juice might be one of the few enjoyable, healthy options for me. Thanks for sharing!