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No real names will be used. So I have a friend named Alison and she set me up with our friend Jacob on a Saturday night. I felt a little pressured to say yes and did even though I had feelings for Jacobs friend, Garret. On Monday we all met at a park and I was talking to Garret in the rain and everyone was teasing us and stuff. I broke up with Jacob later that night. But my main question is what I do. Do I tell Garret that I like him or just keep it to myself. I told Alison and Marissa about my situation and hey both think he likes me and was super jealous of Jacob. Sorry this was really long. #ineedadvice
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I agree do what you think is best with the situation, but I think if you do have feelings for him you should talk to him about it. If he doesn't feel the same you can move on. As for Jacob if he cares for your happiness he'll understand.
I think you need to do what you feel is best for you! though it sounds like Jacob is a nice guy (and you don't want to hurt his feelings), you need to go for the guy you like and be honest with Jacob! @AprilGuillemard what do you think? or @MannyPadron perhaps you have an idea from a guys perspective?
If you had been dating Jacob for a few months then the situation might be different but if you didnt date that long and Garret is interested too i dont think its a big deal to ask Garret out!
What's stopping you from telling Garret? I'd definitely go for it! If Jacob likes you, but the feelings aren't mutual, don't hang on to it just because you're afraid of hurting someone. He'll move on.