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It's time to answer the phone!

When we pick up the phone we usually just say "hello?" but in Korean there is a specific word for when you're starting a conversation on the phone
You don't say "안녕하세요?" you say...

여보세요 - Are you there?

In celebration of Nu'est comeback (watch here!) we're having Nu'est seonsaengnim teach today!

You've probably heard this phrase a TON in dramas too but here it is in a song to help you remember :D

Start listening at 0:16

여보세요 - Are you there?

Does anyone else HATE talking on the phone?!

*raises hand high!*
Talking on the phone with parents is fine but I don't think I ever call friends...just text lol
I HATE talking on the phone. Like seriously. ...don't call me cuz I will ignore you.
Definitely me! Idk why we can't all just text
It's also in Blanket Kick by BTS. The girl in the background during J-Hope's rap answers a ringing phone and says 'Yeoboseyo?'. It's cute...and my favorite part.
phone calls give me anxiety XDD one time i had to call my school for help on finding my exams (im homeschooled ssoo) and when the lady on the phone asked me what i needed help with i forgot how to speak english and just stuttered ""how find test"" 😶😰😨
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