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Yo! This is part 2 to the awesome story with 2PM! If you want to see Part 1 I have it in the same clipped folder thing. ^^
1. Mmm sounds good. ^^ 2. Great stuff! BACON!!!! 3. Thank you. 4. (Snickers) 5. Here. (Feeds)
6. He needs to eat. Big day right? 7. Thanks for the ride. 8. Making sure I don't feed him along the way? 9. It's the effort that counts. (Stomach growls) 10. I don't want to bother you. (Hugs) Next time. ^^
11. I-I don't know.... 12. I guess.... 13. Woot! I'm the thimble! 14. Loser: Nichkhun Aww sorry 15. Winner: Wooyoung Congrats
16. I have to what?! 17. Thanks Wooyoung. :) 18. Don't worry I will protect you. 19. (Stares) I'm difficult to scare. 20. (I wouldn't be afraid XD) 21. It isn't funny! XD 22. Eww this is going to be gross..... 23. No no I chose dare..... 24. Yes! You ready to go down?! 25. W-What are you doing? To Be Continued.......
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Thanks for playing! xD