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Have you ever wondered why have a feeling in your stomach where is shiver down your spine when you hear the person you care the most crying? Have you ever wondered why you have so much joy when we see the person that we care about the most smiling or laughing? We're all connected and especially when we're in a relationship we feel each other's pain no matter what, we feel each other's pain and we feel each other's sorrow but also we feel each other's joy and happiness which separates us from being human and non-human. When I cry you cry and when you cry I cry, smile and the whole world smiles with you. we're all connected whether we like it or not
Ugh yes, I feel this all the time! Especially with really good friends and family members. My family is going through a lot right now, and to see them struggle makes me feel even worse. :(
Totally! Empathy is such a terrifying but awesome experience:)