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Ooo, alright. Where to start with this? I had fallen out of Nuest, however I do enjoy a lot of Nuest's music. It seems like it's been forever since there last comeback and therefore, it did not take long for me listen to this at all.
In terms of the song and vocals, I feel they did have improved SOO MUCH! This song really shows a lot of vocal talent. Nuest were already good singers, yet I feel they just upgraded from good to pretty dang fantastic!! The vocals struck as the best piece of the entire comeback! The song itself is a song that takes a few listens, however it grows on you the more you hear it. Before you even knew what happened, it's blasting through your speakers. You just have to make it past that initial hesitation. Once your past that, you're a goner.
When it comes to the MV and visuals, I feel this comeback is once again, an enormous improvement. The styling for this comeback is PHENOMENAL in my opinion. There is not a single member I feel could improve any more. (Especially you Ren XD I see that hair. You have reached lengths beyond my capabilities.) The video itself seems to follow it's own story line, which is very refreshing for Nuest. I haven't noticed any MV choices such as these ones in any of there other releases.
Overall, I believe this a VERY good comeback for Nuest. It brings a very attractive mood and I just can not get over the vocal work. Beautiful!!! I just hope Pledis can find it in themselves to promote them better this time. If promoted correctly, I think this has really high hopes!
@Tania538 Only about an hour ago XD
@KAddict Thank you! I was afraid it was days ago. πŸ˜‚