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So my ex goes to my school and every time I talk to my friends I feel him looking at me cause when I glance over at him a little it looks like he's looking at me. What does this mean?!
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I'd say I wouldn't read too much into it. I think it's normal to be a little bit curious about your ex when they're around, so it may be natural to take a glance or stare at them. There can be soooo many reasons as to why he's looking at you.
Idk how you break up with your ex.. maybe you just think too much of him..try to act cool as he never been there. maybe he have some curiousity like you too on how your life goes on.
Like @alywoah said, hes probably just checking up. He's probably thinking youre looking at him too ;)
I still wonder what my exes are up too, but it's mostly out of curiosity! @atmi said it best, try not to worry too much about it