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my friend talked to my ex and told him our break up story about how i didnt really break up with him and my jealous friend did. he smiled the whole time and she told him i still like him which i do and he just smiled and then she said would he get back together with her and he said idk and then left but he was smiling the whole time idk what to think?
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hmmmm well if he really wanted that he would probably talk to you! I would hope! I would suggest asking him about his feelings to see what he says. it's hard to tell just through body language... @TomasOlivares @SeoInHan @KeziahWright @MaighdlinS @ThePervySage any ideas?!
I'm not sure I got what you meant but hopefully it's what @ThePervySage is saying or something along those lines?
So your friend had a conversation with your ex about your breakup, which he did the breaking up, and when she was talking about the two of you getting back together possibly he laughed at those parts?
Well in my own opinion he probably was laughing at his own mistakes and how they might be similar to you're story then again I don't know the guy so it's at best an educated guess
love is a complicated thing. he may be wondering if the drama is worth it after all if he was hurt it's not going to be a fast recovery even if it was a fluke. time and wait... also you should probably have been the one to say those things, not your friend. try talking face to face or at least by phone