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Okay, so I was "trying" to study....but I ended up trying to do a collage for a new wallpaper on my phone (I change this basically every week or so xD)
And because Facebook had my photos synced from forever ago, I decided to look for photos there.
And I randomly thought "hey, what's my first Kpop photo I ever saved?" Ya know, cuz we all know what was our first video, first bias, etc.
So I scroll down to what seemed like forever, AND...
Ta-Da! this was the point where my photos would go from anime and English artists to anime and Kpop...I still don't know how to express the feeling and it's already been 6 hours since I made the realization 😅
I know this is kinda random, but I have random thoughts when I try to procrastinate on homework and/or studying...I will study though, got a midterm tomorrow and I need to pass :) .___.
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