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Chapter 7
You're sitting in the crowd mesmerized by Key's performance during their comeback concert. He never fails to grab your attention. He has this power to bewitch everyone and you're just happy that you can catch little winks here and there throughout his performance when he looked in your direction, you knew he meant them for you because that was your secret gesture the only two of you knew of.
I knew she was in the crowd I looked for her. When I found her I smiled and winked at her, she gave me a big smile and nodded in response. I knew she understood, and all I could think about was how beautiful her smile was. She gave me strength I didn't want to lose that. I had a solo part "Born to Shine" was the song and I was going to surprise her. I told the staff to find her in the crowd and bring her to the stage.
She was so surprised she covered her face and acted all shy. It tickled me to know I could do that to her. When I was able to see her eyes I smiled and winked at her. After the song finished, I walked her off the stage making a pit stop at the front to show her off. The crowd went crazy, and as we walked off stage she almost fell down the steps. I grabbed her arm.
"You okay Y/N?" grabbing her arm she just nodded her head and headed away from the crowd I just followed.
We get back to my dressing room and she turns around facing me.
"OMG Key!!, why did you pull me on stage! I was so nervous and and, do you see how red my face is. I look like a tomato." I couldn't help but laugh as she made a pouting face.
"Surprise!, I wanted to give you something special. Will you wait here for me until the shows over?" she nodded her head and I kissed her forehead.
"See ya in a bit." I winked at her as I left the room.
Your still surprised by Key's actions tonight, and it makes you feel all giddy, like a kid in a candy store. "Ding" you hear your phone go off.
"Hey Y/N, what's going on?? How are you? I was just thinking about ya and wanted to know if you wanted to grab a drink later?" It was a text from Tae, you where about to respond when you stopped. You hadn't seen him all week and this was the first you heard from him.
"I'm sorry Tae, I'm actually at SHINee's concert. Rain check? smiley face," you texted back. Biting your lip, you missed him you wanted to see him and tell him what's happened since Key's been back. But you also just wanted to be alone with Key. To get to know each other again, not wanting to waste or rush time. You were not going to take anything for granted this time.
After an hour the show had finished and Key was back in his dressing room. You had fallen asleep on the couch. When Key saw you he just smiled and quickly changed. "Hey, hey Y/N, wake up it's time to go." You grab his hand, "Just five more minutes Tae." Key had a surprised look on his face when he heard the name. But quickly dismissed it. He bends down and kisses your lips. You quickly respond wrapping your arms around his neck. Moaning into the kiss, your eyes open as he pulls away.
"Hey, when did you get back?" Key just smiles.
"Just a few minutes ago, you ready to head home?" Key asks taking your hand as you lift yourself off the couch. You nod your head in response. Key wraps his arms around you giving you a tight hug. "One question, who's Tae?" Key asks. Your wide awake now.
"Oh he's just a friend of mine, why?" you ask wondering where or why he brought up Tae. Then you thought "oh yeah I must of said his name in my sleep, I'll talk in my sleep when I'm too tired."
"You said his name in your sleep I thought you had forgotten about me." Key said giving a pouting face. You just smile at him shaking your head.
"Never, I could never forget you, I could never love anyone else as much as I love you. Your stuck with me forever Kibum." you explained to him. You both just laugh, it was nice to know you hadn't lost your playfulness with each other That it was just as comfortable to make jokes and laugh like old times. You both walk out of the venue.
"You hungry Y/N, want to get something to eat?" Key asks, you shake your head.
"I actually would like you" you respond while winking at him. Key's eyes get big and a smirk crosses his mouth.
"Well, I think that can be arranged, lets go home." You get a ride from SM's drivers, so you didn't have to pay for a taxi. After dropping the both of you at your apartment, Key tells the driver to pick him up in the morning. The driver agrees and leaves. The both of you walk to your apartment.
"You want some tea or coffee?" you ask Key as your setting your bag down on the table. Key grabs your arm turns you around and places his hand behind your back to your lower waist pulling you close for a kiss.