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This was made by my #thunderbuddy @jessicaacosta90 Yeah I'm up to no good on this one. Definitely not what you've imagined. Aaaaand we're off....
1. My mom said don't take candy from strangers and I'm on a diet. 2. Ohhh new neighbor guys. Thank you for the thought but it could be laced with something dangerous. Offer to take out the trash next time.
3. Aren't you greedy? I'm just gonna sit back and watch to see if your face turns green. I don't wanna eat bad candy. 4. Maybe that candy wasn't laced with something. Or maybe it was... dun dun dun...
5. So the laced candy didn't work so you wanna kidnap me? I have my eyes on you Junho. Did I mention I'm on a diet? 6. ok ok I'd appreciate that.
7. Back where? Where are we going? I carry a stun gun. 8. Are you trying to ease my mind? I guess conversation is good since I've got my eye on you.
9. What am I a therapist? You're buying dinner then. Plus how do you know I want to talk to you? 10. Even royalty had people taste the food for poison.
11. Why? Oh maybe because you're trying to be cute with spinach in your teeth. I feel embarrassed for you. 12. Dude, why are you so uptight. Clearly you live with him. You know his life.
13. You realize it's not that serious. I like you. 14. You must be something special. What that is I don't know. Remember, I've got my eye on you.
15. That's why you were laughing. You plotting on free help. I got you Nicky. Yeah I said it, NICKY!! 16. I like music. L eyes see what you got.
17. See that's what I get for turning my back to you. If my stun gun wasn't over there, you'd be convulsing on the floor. 18. Blah Blah thoughts? Like how you guys have barged into my home, basically kidnap me, ruin my diet, steal my food, user me for free labor, and then assault me?!?!
@jessicaacosta90 damn it they were all there
@jessicaacosta90 I'm just saying I got protect myself at all times
'Back where? Where are we going? I carry a stun gun' 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀
@ElleHolley lol i only saw 19 of them 馃檴
@ElleHolley Lol that was funny. but auntie, their should be 25 cards O.o