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OOH MY KOOKIE. . this is what you call transformation from a baby to a man.. OH MYYYY GAAAAAAWWDDD! ! If you have read all my cards you Know KOOKIE is my #1 Maknae hey he is the GOLDEN one..

But he still a baby like real a baby.. well when he is on stage is like he leaves the baby behind the door, but still he is so adorable in every way.. I do enjoy and love the way he bullies his hyungs tho lmaooo. ..

Look he wants me to finish the heart with him I'm ..aaah my heart can't take it the baby has grow up to be so handsome my golden baby. .

Sometimes I get mad that I'm not older than him....I would really like it if he called me noona . . ... . . ......dont judge me...
he is our global fetus
;~; this kid has ruined my life
Kookie is the best.. he'll always be my baby