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EXO- Bias: Chanyeol Wrecker: Chen BTS- Bias: RapMon Wrecker: Jimin's legs (seriously though they gotta stop putting him in shorts) Seventeen- Bias: Woozi & Hoshi Wrecker: the entire performance team Don't even get me started on girl groups! 😂
I seriously love this guy he's so freaking funny. bts- bias:Jungkook wrecker: all of them lol got7-bias: Jb wrecker:mark/Jackson exo- bias: chanyeol wrecker: kyungsoo/sehun/baekhyun
lol jre is so adorable and funny.... bts bia is Jin Bia wreacker: bts got 7 bia is Jackson bia wreckers Jb and Yugyeom big bang bia is T.O.P bia wrecker is Seungri
I love Jre!! BigBang UB: Jiyong!!! ❤ Wreckers: All the other members BTS Bias: Namjoonie 😄 Wrecker: The 95 liner with those muscle legs, I have refrained from ever saying his name again in hopes he SLOWS DOWN!!! (Kookie is not far behind him....) Got7 Bias: Jackson Wrecker: Mark this I'm ok with because now i can have Markson 😁😁😁 Exo Bias: Xiumin Wrecker: The maknae who knows no bounds! Sehun no swiping, Sehun no swiping!!! 😡 Vixx Bias: RAVI!! 😀 Wrecker: Leo and N 😢😯 MonstaX Bias: Jooheon Wreckers: ALL THE MEMEBERS BECAUSE I JUST WANNA CUDDLE THEM ALL!!! 😂😂
Oh god, I always go rogue! I'm serially unfaithful! Big Bang TOP was my original bias then GD was my bias wrecker and then became my bias. GOT7 Jackson was my bias and then JB was my bias wrecker and then became my bias (truthfully I'm doing a kpop hoe down here) BTS Jin was my original bias then Jimin was my bias wrecker and now he's my bias! (Another hoe down here) I need to stop!