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For months I try to motivate myself to work out and get the goal body I want but I always slack off. The most I do is 3 days and stop 1 week or 2 and start again promising I will work out continuously from now on but never do. For some time I did and there was a bit of progress but I lost it for stopping and that's what saddened me. Because it was so much work, for basically nothing. ~~Also I work out at home~~
I totally get where you're coming from πŸ˜‘ I tell myself everyday that I'm gonna workout and lose weight but that never happens 😩 the one time I was motivated to work out was when I was paying for a trainer; nothing motivates like letting money go to waste; I went even if I was exhausted from work; honestly that's probably the only motivation that works for me
you are so young and keep it up your healthy life . what is your goal/target to archive a dream body weight? to look good? to be healthy or else? set your mind and there you are girl...you can make it. tell your friend or family who care about you. hope they will give a good support and motivation to you.
I usually sign up for a 10k or a half-marathon and then train for it. For me, signing up for a competition has always been a great way to motivate myself because I can have a specific goal to work towards to and I love competing!
I understand this so much! I think it helps when you have a solid goal. When I was powerlifting, I went to the gym every single day because I knew I was working towards competing. So maybe looking forward to a 5k, a competitions, or an event can help with motivation..