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I saw the movie twice already hahah I want to go see it again LOL I loved this freaken MOVIE!! for me every bit of the movie was pure awesomeness :) my man Ryan Reynolds was amazing he was DEADPOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what did you guys think of the movie?!?!?!? pleas let me know in the comments below! RATE IT FROM 1-10 what would you give it? @electica @kuzuri96 @reesesrisa @iixel @LadyExperiment @sammsosa @NijaiBolden @TyTruth @OGv6FATE @ElijahGrowe @ToniEliseHolden @tayhar18920 @kuzuri96 @JustinMims21 @DiegoAlejandro @RodneyYoung @CailelColson @Chrisarti @ErikFrausto @GodFIash @LadyExperiment @MomoHinamori @randysqwishy23 @JosephHarris @ShonA
My man Ryan Reynolds >;) sexies dad alive! By the way he's daughter is so lucky she's going to be able to tell people when she's older "My Daddy is Deadpool" ^_^ *tear *tear :,)
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Lol nobody's ever gonna mess with his kid XD I loved it. The cast was great!