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I can't believe it... I didn't post any individual card for ↝GD↜ last week!!!! Not even on the Favorite Bias Day!!!
GD... I am really sorry Jiyong... really I am.. you know how much we all love you.
How much we love your impression when you getting the Awards!!!
GD: Ok.. keep going.
How cute you look with your best "yellow" buddy.
GD: Ok.. this is getting better.
How you have such "out of proportion" long leg but is just got such long leg.
GD : Wow... I am very pleased.
How you look super good even with mask on.
I think I had done it...are you Happy now?!
GD : Thank you! Kiss for everyone!!!!
This post is DaeNugget approved♡♡♡ ~(^.^)~
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gd oppa is sooo adorable saranghhae❤❤😘😘😘
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He's so cute in everything he does!!!!!!!!!!!! There's a reason why he's my Ultimate Bias!
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thank you my day is now complete 😉
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Oppa saranghae!!!
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