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Just one of the poems I wrote for all the people struggling out there. Hope you enjoy and get motivated! Wake up Anne For today's a new day Look at the rising sun It's got so much to say Knocking at your door Sunshine beams on the floor Yesterday's gone You're not alone Maybe it's time to move on Hold on Anne Things just aren't so bad The sands of time change Life just ain't that sad Like a ray on a diamond Scattered all around Feelings shattered Stumbling down on the ground Falling is easy Especially to the cheesy Don't you feel sorry or sleazy Cheer up Anne You've got to fight this through You're the azure blue sky In a dull, shady monsoon Like fireflies in the woods Glow as bright as you can Smile as much as you should As if as it all just began I can feel your sorrow I'll give you my light to borrow Promising to make you glow tomorrow Told you Anne All you needed was a little time Look how the sun shines back now In all its glory and all its prime The storm's way past now That's all you needed to see The battle's over, opponents lost It ends in your victory If ever in doubt, close your eyes Feel the sadness saying its final goodbyes For Anne, you're one of a kind You're the brightest light that ever shined You're the best that anyone can find!
That's awesome @AkshatLal!! @nicolejb You said it..
Aww I bet Anne really appreciated this!! you seem like a good friend! @AkashBhojraj I feel like you would love this:)
Thanks @AkashBhojraj ! I'm glad you liked it. :) @MarianneSchauer Don't you worry, the best thing about time is that it changes quickly. Hold on and keep fighting! I know you can do it. :)
this is super cute. as someone who's been going through a rough timw lately, i really needed to read this. thank you ♡
Haha, thanks for your kind words. Anne here is symbolical, represents us all. We all face tough situations in life, doesn't mean we can't face them with a smile! :)
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