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Hello ! We have a Fairy Tail group open on kick for anyone to join ! We have many spots left and there are many characters to chose from.
FOR EXAMPLE FOR GIRLS WE HAVE ---> Zera, Kaby's wife , Kagura, Sorano, Anna Heartfillia, Minerva, Layla Heartfillia, Carla, Kinana, Flare, Ur, Sherry, Evergreen, Virgo, Aquarius, Karen, Mickey, Asuka, Miko, Akula, Rita, Brandish, Dimaria, Aquarius, Grandeeny, Sherria, Seilah, Porlyusica, Kyôka, imitatia, Grammi, Laki, Hisui, Aries, Jenny, Karen, Ophiuchus, Pisces, Gemini, Cosmos, Lamy, Libra, Daphne, Beth, Enno, Ikaruga, Katja, Mary
EXAMPLE FOR BOYS WE HAVE --> Yuri, God, Waho, Acnologia, Hades, Makarov, Warrod, Ivan, Igneel, Cobra, Mard, Silver, Macbeth, Panther Lily, Bob, Zeeself, Zancrow, Capricorn, Simon, Hibiki, Lahar, Plue, Scorpio, Kaby, Eisenwald Chicken, Alzack, Max, Dan, Cancer, Hughes, Dobengal, Jerome,Taurus,
There are still many options left so why don't you come join us? In our Fairy Tail chat we are like family and tend to keep it real/ drama free. We don't do idols characters, sorry ! We are very nice people if you also act the same towards us, if you decide to come and be a jerk we have the boot for a reason. We don't have many rules and let everyone be unless you try and go a little too far. Come be a part of our family ! We will accept everyone and anyone all you need to do is follow these simple steps!
1) Be sure to add your name in the comment
2) Pick one of the characters and put the character of your choice next to your kik name
3) Make sure you spelled everything right
4) Post you comment and we will get to you asap!
If not you could also reach our admins on kik ! Let us know you want join and be sure you pick your character. It's completely okay if you are too shy to comment it happens !
OUR ADMINS ---> OHSHC.Haruhi. or bloodyrabbit14 and SeanTheBossAR and lastly Mercy450
We are all mostly on kik and will get to you very quickly, our admins are very active. We attempt to make everyone happy and try to make everyone feel at home. If you feel left out talk to the admins ASAP and we will help ! Because thats what we do as family and it's what makes us Fairy Tail.
Also if it's your first time doing an rp, don't sweat it! We will help you, just ask :) Our rp can be loads of fun and give you a laugh every now and then, we are trying to expand our family. Come take a spot before they are all filled ! c:
Thanks ~~~~~
P.S Don't be the jerk that ignores and doesn't comment, join our family ! :D
@Michi8010 no thanks
Would you like to join @ZacharyStewart
@Michi8010 OK thanks
@ZacharyStewart No he is not there is a list of boys you can be up there in the post
is Gildarts open