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More and more girl groups are returning with an innocent school girl concept but each has its own unique style.

Which is your favorite?!


The second I heard GFriend I knew that they were going to head straight to the Japanese market. They are straight from Jpop! I'm not their biggest fan but I always have Me Gustas Tu stuck in my head :)


I am so in love with Lovelyz. They come from the same company as Infinite so I knew they had to be talented and I was right! Baby Soul's voice is a gift from the gods! They keep true to the adorable concept and they're just all around GREAT.

Oh My Girl

I don't know why more people aren't obsessed with Oh My Girl! Their songs are memorizing and they are adorable! They take the innocent girl group to a **slightly** edgier level!

The Queens - A Pink

A Pink marked the return of the popular innocent concept. They were like the awesome Kpop groups of the 90s had be reborn!

They still hold true to their innocent, pure concept and are honestly the queens of this style!

The Rebels - AOA

AOA took the typical high school girl concept and changed it up a bit. They're edgier, sexier, and they aren't afraid to play against the boys. They're the bad girls but they rule!

Who did I miss?!

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mmmmmm there's a lot of girl groups that we don't know about Lol but I'm lazy asf so I don't feel like typing
The reason I loved A-Pink from the start was because of their concept. Out of the new groups who have come out with that concept, I have to say GFriend wins me over. They're different in a way which really got to me
Lovelyz forever!!
GFriend! Ever notice how all of their dances fit all of their singles?
I like Twice, they aren't exactly going for the innocent concept, and Lovelyz! but they are just so adorable!!! and I love the way they sing! their voices are so pretty!~