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Things escalated very quickly during an amateur soccer game in Argentina.

Cesar Flores (48) was officiating an amateur soccer game in Cordoba, Argentina. And during the game, he dismissed a player for unsportsmanlike conduct. The player who was dismissed wasn't too happy with Flores' call, but walked off the field.
But moments later, the player took a gun out of his bag, walked back onto the field and shot Cesar Flores three times. Once in the neck, once in the head, and once in the chest.
Flores was dead immediately. Another player was seriously injured but his wounds appear to not be life-threatening. The suspect is still at large.
This is some serious WTF shit. I mean people can get carried away during sporting events...but a referee getting killed for a call he made? This is totally unacceptable!
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@Margarito Yeah......such a tragedy
Do you have a source for this story?
@qookumba Yeah dude.
Well it might not be true