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1 Month post return to Los Angeles.
1,327 texts and 14 phone calls from Youngbae
938 texts and 5 phone calls from Seungri
232 texts and 2 phone calls from TOP
219 texts and 2 phone calls from Daesung
0 texts and 0 phone calls from Jiyong
The sun dances through the curtains above your head as a slow breeze caresses your exposed skin, causing you to stir beneath the blankets. You roll over, fighting the encroaching morning, pulling the covers over your shoulders, stretching before the sudden warmth lulls you back to sleep. As your limbs retract you pull the vacant pillow next to you and stuff the corner under your head. As you do, you hear a crunch under your fingers. You open one eye, momentarily cringing at the brightness level in the room. Through the tiny slit between your eyelids you see a rectangular piece of lavender colored paper. Intrigued, you force both of your eyes open completely, rubbing the sleep away with your fingers. You pick up the item from the pillow top. It's a greeting card envelope.
It must be from Stef, starting your birthday off first thing in the morning. You turn it over to see your name written in hangul on the front. Okay, the card is from Eu jin, how sweet of her. Excited, you sit up, the blankets fall and pool at your waist. You rip open the envelope to find a card with a cute baby panda on it.
What? Are the guys here??? You hop out of bed, card still in hand, throw on some pajama bottoms and burst out the bedroom door. The sweet smell of pancakes invades your nostrils immediately as you enter the hallway. You run down the stairs, two at a time, rounding the corner into the kitchen as soon as you hit the landing. To your complete surprise, sitting around the island are four of your favorite people in the whole world.
"There's the birthday girl!" TOP exclaims, getting up from his seat.
"Good morning. sleepy girl." Seungri greets you, also getting up. Youngbae is the first to reach you however, pulling you into a tight embrace as he does. You happily accept his much missed hug. He smells so good, better than the pancakes Stef is flipping at the stove. His scent is just as you remember it. His muscles flex under his shirt as he holds you. You've missed this so much. Tears begin to collect behind your eyelids at the sudden familiarity of him, at the realization of what you've lost. You bury your face in his chest and squeeze him just a little bit tighter.
Happy Birthday, beautiful." He says, releasing you.
"Okay, okay, break it up." Daesung says in a joking manner. " It's my turn." Within a few moments you've hugged all of them and received their birthday wishes. TOP pulls out a chair and motions for you to sit. As you do, Stefan places a fresh batch of pancakes onto the empty plate in front of you. The pancakes are shaped to spell out Happy Birthday Y/N.
I'm so happy you guys are here!" You lean to Seungri who is sitting next to you and hug him around the waist.
"We are happy to be here, Y/N." Daesung chimes from across the table, flashing his wide eye smile.
"Sorry Jiyong could not come with us." TOP says.
"He wanted to be here, Y/N, but he couldn't get away from work." Seungri adds.
"It's alright guys, you don't have to lie for him. If he wanted to be here, he would be."
To celebrate your birthday, your record label rented out a very trendy and exclusive rooftop night club in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. They sent over a hairstylist and a make up artist to doll you up as well as a sparkly designer party dress with just the right amount of classy sexy appeal. Shortly before 6pm, a limo arrives at the gate to pick you up. You pile in with the boys and your two assistants, who, despite having the day off, insisted on celebrating with you.
After a lengthy battle with rush hour traffic, you arrive at the swanky nightclub. Paparazzi line the red carpet, snapping photos of all the A-listers as they enter. You stop briefly to greet a few fans who've managed to push their way through the press to the front in hopes of getting a glimpse of you. After a few minutes of signing autographs and talking pictures, security ushers you inside the club's entrance.
On the roof, you're led to a large cabana on the side of the stage. There is a sizable spread of bottled liquor and mixers, along with a bucket of ice waiting at the table. Next to the cabana is a table with a mountain of festively wrapped gifts piled on it. Immediately, guests start to approach your table to offer you birthday greetings.
The menu is Asian-themed, featuring your favorite seafood and sushi. Every time you finish a drink, there seems to be another waiting for you. It doesn't take long for you to start feeling the buzz. You're not a big drinker, but this is your birthday and damn it, you're going to have fun tonight. You deserve it after all you've been dealing with lately.
"I want you to listen to this song, Y/N." Youngbae says over the crowd as the first sounds of the transition can be heard from the sound system. "It's going on my album. It's called Ringa Linga." You stand up at the table and dancing along to the infectious beat.
"I love it, Oppa!" And you do, so much so, you walk over to the DJ and ask him to play it several more times throughout the night. He happily agrees, smiling at the very sight of you.
A few hours into the night, it's become clear that you are drunk. Not sloppy drunk, just fun drunk. You're birthday party is a smashing success. You're having a complete blast and you haven't thought about Jiyong once. The food is delicious, the music is great, the cake is to die for and you're surrounded by friends. You've been dancing with Seungri for the past couple of songs and now you're ready for a breather. He escorts you to your table where Youngbae ,TOP and Stef are sitting. They're both drunk; all of you are. TOP is holding a glass of wine, swirling the contents with a suave flick of his wrist. Bottles of expensive wine litter the table top; some empty some half full.
"Y/N, can you introduce me to your friend?" Dae asks you as he reaches the table. He points to a pretty young blonde by the bar.
"Of course!" You turn to Stef. "Can you invite her over for me?" Normally you would have invited her yourself but it's your birthday and you're drunk. A few moments later the blonde arrives at your table, Stef a step behind her.
"Annyeonghaseyo!" You greet her, hiccuping on the last syllable. "That means hello." You grab Dae's hand and pull it forward towards the girl. "This is Daesung. Daesungie, this is my beautiful friend." Daesung bows nervously, the smile on his face wide. Thankfully the girl is not the shy type and quickly introduces herself. The pair walk back towards the bar, Daesung awkwardly making small talk in his broken English.
"You introduced her as your beautiful friend?" TOP asks.
"I have no idea who she is." You say, giggling.
"No?!" Seungri exclaims. Laughter erupts at the table. Daesung and the girl are still close enough they can hear the ruckus and turn to look, curious as to the reason.
The bottle service girl, Lydia, brings over another round of liquors; Peach Ciroc, Jameson and Bacardi and refills the mixers. She sets down a pitcher of green liquid in front of you and a bowl of maraschino cherries. You immediately reach for the pitcher. It's contents are Midori and sour mix, which is your favorite.
"One more drink and then I'm cutting you off." Youngbae says, placing his hand on your thigh. You glare at him.
"It's my birthday. You can't cut me off. Besides, you're as drunk as I am."
"Yeah, but I know how much you hate getting wasted. I don't want you puking on your birthday." You plop several cherries in your glass and take a sip of the toxically colored beverage.
"If I let you take away my alcohol, what do I get in return?" You smile at him brightly, clearly flirting with him. He locks eyes with you. Maybe it's the booze, but you swear his gaze smolders. His hand slides a little further down your leg until it reaches your hand. He starts to play with your fingers under the table. After a long, intense moment of eye contact, Youngbae asks "Since it's your birthday, what do you want?"
"What are my options?"
"Anything you want." You cock your head to the side and bite your lip ever so slightly.
"Anything?" You say, raising an eyebrow.
"Of course, anything you want." He says without hesitation, flashing you that sweet smile of his. You look down at your intwined hands. You wanted him. You want to spend the rest of your birthday with him. Just him.
"You shouldn't tell me that, Oppa. It's dangerous." You say. "I'm drunk and I might dare enough to hope you really mean ANYTHING... I might dare enough to hope you'll give me the thing I really want." You're intoxicated, but you still have your wits about you. You quickly untangle your fingers from his.
"Oh." He removes his hand from your thigh. "I'm sorry Y/N." He leans in, pushes the hair from your face and tucks it behind your ear. He then leans in closer and gently kisses your forehead as he pulls you in for a hug. "I just want you to have a great birthday." He says, quietly into your ear.
"It's fine. I'm just going to dance for a little and then I'll be ready to go home. I'm starting to get tired, so no need to cut me off."
You slip out of his grasp and out of the booth. You need distance from him before your emotions override the happy buzz from the liquor. You make your way through the mass of sweaty bodies on the dance floor. You can't afford to let yourself look back at him, though you wonder what he's thinking, how he's reacting to your sudden departure. He keeps acting sweet and caring towards you but he really hasn't given you any indication that he's struggling like you are. Maybe he never felt as strongly about you as you had thought. You feel the blood rushing to your cheeks and the familiar sting behind your eyes. This is exactly what you were trying to avoid. You don't want to think about this. It's your birthday party. You want to be happy, and drunk, without a care in the world. You don't want to think about the shambles your personal life is in; about Youngbae's rejection and Jiyong's.... JIYONG! You've managed not to think about him all night. You haven't dwelled on the fact that he isn't here celebrating with you. But now you're pulling out your phone, checking to see if he's sent you a birthday message, and like every other time you've checked over the past month, there's nothing waiting for you. You knew he wouldn't call, wouldn't text you... even on your birthday. And still you check!
The dance floor is crowded and humid from the sticky bodies around you. You want out. You want to scream. Instead, you grab a cocktail off a passing tray and down it. It's bitter and sears as it coats your throat. The server carrying the tray turns to scold you for taking the drink, but stops herself when she sees you. She smiles nervously at you and you return the smile. It feels forced to you. You need a distraction, something to take your mind off all the troubling thoughts that currently occupy it. You turn towards the DJ set up on the stage. He's smiling at you and momentarily you contemplate flirting with him, but ultimately decide against it as he's too close to your booth and your ex who is sitting in it. Instead you turn in the direction of the bar and make your way through the crowd, still looking for a distraction.
"Crap!" You say under your breath once you process the face heading in your direction. It's Justin Bieber... probably the last person you want to deal with right now. You're not even friends so how did he get in here? Selena is one of your close pals and you obviously took her side after the break up, but that hasn't stopped him from trying to get in your pants. He's grinning widely as he squeezes his way through the crowd. He's holding two drinks, one in each hand, though he appears to be alone. Quickly, you turn 180 degrees and look for any exit route, any place to duck and hide. You could head back to your table. You'd be safe there. Justin wouldn't dare approach you if you're with BIGBANG. But you're not ready to face Youngbae yet. Panic starts to bubble in your stomach at the thought of having to deal with Justin Bieber when a hand suddenly grabs onto your waist and pushes you back into the writhing crowd on the dance floor.
"Don't worry, I got you." A familiar voice yells over the crowd, into your ear. You whip your head around to see Seungri at your side. God bless the Maknae! "I'm about to spin for a bit, wanna join me? I'll teach you how to be a DJ!"
"I would love to, but..." You risk a glance in the direction of your table on the stage.
"We'll go up the opposite side of the stage. Don't worry, just have another drink, learn a couple things and dance. You don't even have to look at him. Just have a good time." He ushers you to the stage, offering you a hand as you climb the steps. "Besides, the Biebs can't get to you up here. I told the security guys not to let him near the stage." You smile at the that. There is a good reason you and BIGBANG's Maknae get along so well. He's always looking out for you.
You spend the next hour behind the computerized turn tables and brightly lit synth buttons. Seungri plays every one of your favorite songs and dances with you between transitions and hyping the crowd. He orders a round of shots to the stage and prepares the crowd for a toast when they arrive. After a few words from your friend, the entire crowd sings happy birthday to you. When the song ends, the guests all raise their glasses, Seungri clinks his shot glass against yours before you down it.
You're really feeling it now... the alcohol has once again made you forget your troubles. Made you forget Justin Bieber and his slimy smirk, made you forget the ache in your heart left by Youngbae, made you forget the pain of Jiyong ignoring you, especially today. Your insides are warm and your head is floating, lost in the music. You're a happy drunk, leaning against Seungri's shoulder, your eyes closed and a big dopey smile on your face.
"You are definitely drunk!" He says, pulling a chair over and plopping you in it.
"Yep." You agree, swaying in your seat. "That I am."
"Here." He unscrews the cap from a bottle of water and hands it to you. "You should drink some." You take the water.
"I'll drink some if you drink some. You're just as drunk." Seungri nods and you press the plastic rim to your lips. When you finish, he grabs the bottle and swigs. "We should eat something too. I don't know about you, but I'm hungry."
"Alright, what do you want?" He hands the bottle of water back to you. You pout, thinking momentarily about what to eat. He nudges the bottle to your lips. Your pout widens.
"I don't want water, I want... I want... cake!" He chuckles.
"Okay, you can have cake. But first more water." You throw your head back and scoff.
"Fine!" You say, rolling your eyes. You do as he says and finish the bottle of water. Seungri signals Lydia over and requests to have cake sent to your table.
Within moments there is a security guard guiding you back to your table. You hop into the booth, next to Youngbae. Suddenly your eyes grow wide as they take in the mound of delicious cake in front of you. You don't waste any time digging in, shoveling handfuls into your mouth. It tastes amazing, better than it had earlier upon your first helping. You're so wrapped up in eating that it takes you a moment to realize you're being watched. You pause momentarily to look at your friends.
"What?" You shrug and return your focus to the cake. Youngbae, TOP, Eu Jin, Stef and Daesung all laugh at your response.
"I want cake!" Daesung exclaims. You hand him the plate and he takes a chunk, using his fingers just like you.
"I thought you were done drinking." Youngbae says, leaning in your direction so only you can hear.
"I was, but then I decided I wasn't" You shove a piece of cake into your mouth.
"I just hope you don't pay for it later."
"Oh, I think I'm way past that." You grin at him. You have no idea why you're grinning, but you are.
"Y/N!" His tone is mildly scolding. Whatever he's about to say, you don't want to hear it.
"Oppa-" You scoop up a piece of cake with your fingers and shove it in his mouth. "Eat cake and shut up." You laugh, licking the frosting off your fingers.
Top's long arm braces you as you make your way up the stairs to your room. You are still rather drunk but you can feel the effects of the liquor starting to lessen. Once at the door of the master bedroom, TOP turns on the light and guides you in.
"Thank you, Oppa." You turn around, and reach up to hug him. "Goodnight."
"Are you okay to get in bed on your own?"
"Yes, I'll be fine. I'm just going to take a shower and then hop into bed."
"You're going to shower?" He sounds concerned. "Maybe I should call Eu Jin to help you."
"That's not necessary." You break away from him and walk a few steps into the room, wobbling only slightly. "See? I'll be fine." He looks at you skeptically.
"Y/N, I really think-"
"I appreciate your concern but I'll be just fine. Now go." You make a shooing motion at him. Reluctantly, he gives in and heads for the door. Once alone, you stumble towards the bathroom.
Stepping into the shower you turn the knob enough to let icy cold water blast out of the shower head and over your naked body. The feeling of thousands of pins pricking at your skin is jarring, but it's exactly what you need to help you sober up. You force yourself to stand under the arctic blast as long as you can. Goosebumps pull your skin so tightly under the cold water that it hurts, causing you to shiver uncontrollably. You can't take it any longer and push the knob over allowing warm water to wash over your body. Slowly your muscles loosens and ease as they thaw and you begin to relax.
Upon finishing in the shower, you take a couple aspirin and down a cup of water before towel drying your hair and finishing your post-shower routine. You've sobered a bit and don't have nearly as many issues with standing.
You walk from the bathroom into the adjoining walk in closet to grab a tank top and clean panties. It's a warm enough night that you decide against pajama bottoms and head into the bedroom. Sleepiness is setting in and your bed looks so very inviting. You cross the room, ready to climb under the covers when movement on the couch catches your eye.
"Oppa?" You rub your eyes then check again.
"I just wanted to make sure you made it safely out of the shower..." He stands up and moves towards you. "TOP told me you were planning to take one." You scrunch your face.
"Youngbae Oppa, it's late. You should go to bed." Normally you would rush to cover yourself but you're too tired and intoxicated to care. Besides, he's seen it all before. No point in trying to be modest now. Suddenly he's right in front of you, his arm snaking around your waist, pulling you into him.
You can smell the alcohol on his breath and the scent of body wash from the guest bathrooms. You close your eyes, taking in the warm, familiar scent of him. As you open your eyes, Youngbae's gaze is focused on you, his lips parted slightly. He leans in, his nose nuzzling yours gently. You pull away, your pulse racing.
"What is this Oppa? What's going on?" You try to break free from his grasp but his hold around you remains strong. You're desperate to put some distance between you. But Youngbae only brings you in closer. He places his free hand gently on the side of your face, caressing your cheek with his fingertips. All the protesting in your body seems to melt away under his touch. "Oppa?" Your voice pleading with him to make you understand.
"Tonight I'm yours." He whispers, biting his bottom lip as he looks from your mouth to your eyes. You're head is spinning. These are the words you have been longing to hear for weeks, but you can't quite believe he's really saying them. You push your hands against his chest, forcing him to take a step back.
"You're drunk Oppa. You don't mean that." You say, moving backwards, away from him. But he's quicker than you and it only takes him seconds to advance, pinning you against the wall with his muscular body. You let out a gasp at his aggressiveness.
"We're both drunk..." He says, stroking the crook of your neck with his nose. He plants slow, passionate kisses up the length of your neck. You bite your lip as a small moan escapes from your mouth.
"Oppa!" You protest weakly.
"Don't... call me Oppa." He growls seductively. The kisses turn into gentle nibbling on your ear. With every movement of his mouth on your skin, you feel your resolve failing. You've fantasized about this moment for weeks and somehow it's happening. The knot in your stomach starts to build and the longing between your legs set in. His hands move to cup your cheeks as his mouth travels around the curve of your jaw. He looks up into your eyes, his thumbs sliding over your lips. Then, before you know what's happening, his lips are crashing passionately into yours. The kiss is furious, filled with longing. Your knees start to give underneath you.
"All you have to do is tell me to stop and I will." He says, allowing you to catch your breath. His eyes are filled with hunger, with desire for you. Again, you bite your lip.
"I..." Your breathing is unsteady, forcing you to work for your words. "I... I.... want you." You meet his gaze, your eyes fill with the same hunger and desire as his. He grins and the look in his eyes turns electric, as if a switch has just been turned on. He's kissing you again, more intensely then before. His hands move under your shirt, his fingers tips clawing at the soft skin of your back. The knot in your stomach is growing, building with every movement of his body against yours. His hands move down to your supple butt, grabbing each cheek firmly, pulling up to maneuver your legs around his waist. In one swift move, he's carrying you and quickly covering the distance to the bed. He throws you gently down on the comforter, bending down to kiss you then stands up just long enough to pull his shirt over his head; his chiseled abdomen towering over you. He's back on top of you in no time; his lips begin the exploration of every inch of your body. You're skin is on fire, tingling. His fingers move to the top of your cotton panties while his mouth caresses the soft skin of your stomach. He hums quietly as he kisses your tummy, a quirk unique to him, one you always loved.
He pauses and looks up at you. "Tonight, tonight you're mine."

Sorry this chapter was so long guys. Things got a little heated at the end; I really hope no one minded too much.

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Do I see Part 8!!!! on my Friday morning.😍😍😍😍
@lovetop You sure do! And it's a long one, just like I promised. I've been up all night working on it. I'm just going to bed now. Hopefully people like it and the sleep loss was worth it.
*giggles like a school girl* I loved that it was this long..! and fun. Midori is life. this was fun and this was just cuz of a birthday.. what happens on your birthday stays on your birthday.. I hope GD wasn't ignoring her to surprise her the next day and find them naked in bed the next day. ignore me, I got tipsy with them.
Waeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Young bae... Waeeeeeeeeeeeeeee lol.. You know you shouldn't have done that.. I can't handle this... Jiyongie is just gonna miss out I'm gonna go back to TaeYang lol..
that escalated quickly. what's next!
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