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Here's a hint:

Even if you don't speak Korean, if you sound out these words you'll know their meaning!
This is why learning hangul is SO important - there is so much Korean you already know just hidden behind those symbols (there is so much English in modern Korean!)

Slide right on each image to see the answer!

How many of them could you get?!

Dont forget all the lattes (here) that have English names!
@ocherrylimeadeo yeah i hate when i spend like 10 minutes sounding something out and then im like 'omg duh' hahaha like 후렌치 후라이 is french fry...who-rench who-rai? what!??!!?!?
I got them all right!!! Is it sad that I got exited about sounding out the word "Waffle" . . @catchyacrayon @Helixx You guys should check this out it's great practice ~(^.^)~
Yay! I got them all xD In my honest opinion I believe that hangul is probably the easiest alphabet in the world just cuz when I first learned it, I found that each letter corresponds with the tongue and mouth pattern when you say the letter. I don't remember how long it took for me to learn the English alphabet but I'm pretty sure it didn't take me 30 min. to learn like it did with Korean.
I got all if them, I like to practice reading, it's really fun cx
Got all 7!! Wootwoot! 😁😆😆 @KwonOfAKind LOL me too! I honestly got so hype on the word waffle. @KDluvR1999 I think hangul is pretty easy compared to other alphabets! Lots of people said it's hard to learn but it's pretty straight forward to me! I got it in no time at all! @kpopandkimchi I do that a lot too! LOLLL who-rench who-rai 😂😂😂😭
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