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my korean craze addiction , this is the one addiction i am not afraid ofhaving and i nvr wanna get rid of , i love everything about korea and can tottaly relate to it :)
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@b2utyb2st @saharjalpari9 but I think nowadays we spend more time on my computer than TV! all the good things on the internet xD
@chasinghapiness u r soo right who watches tv lol;-)
yessssss lol thats so me kpop and kdramas forever
@JaeKella1, that's soo me too. @chasinghappiness, nado! I watch my dramas on the computer (Viki, Drama Fever, Netflix).
That's wat I always say to my parents!! Y r they mad at me when I'm the most polite teenager alive?!! Of course except being too lazy! I'm all good!politteenagealive??!!!