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something every one needs to keep in ming..hate is stronger...and deadlier
@neaa It all depends, sis. Hate can certainly be very strong and deadly, but so can the need to protect those that you fiercely love. (^_^) Although, yeah...they are just two sides of the same coin.
in a way.. but loving someone can be crazy.. but hate is scary.. there was a story i read on chicken soup.. two bff's broke up.. and one of them told the other one that she hates her.. soon they realize that it was a trivial issue or something but before they could sort out..the other girl dies..and the friend is left to repent that she said a word as strong as hate to her.. the point being ..tell a person you despise or dislike them.. but not hate.. because that's one thing you cant take back
@neaa That's very true. The word hate is such an ugly and hateful word. You're right that, once you tell someone you seriously hate them, it's never forgotten.
No more hate.