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Siwon twitter update
back to seoul now. (3 hours ago) 到了. Arrived. (3 hours ago) RT @ChungMinCho: 욕망이 채워지는 것을 행복이라고 생각하는 동안에는 결코 참된 행복을 맛볼 수 없습니다. 욕망은… 지나가는 바람에 지나지 않습니다. : RT @ChungMinCho, while the desire to be filled, happy to think that you can taste the true happiness never. The desire ... is nothing more than a passing wind. (1 hour ago) 把满足自己欲望认为是幸福的话,是绝对无法真正尝到幸福的. 欲望...是不会随风而逝的. :^) To satisfy their desire to think happy, absolutely can not really taste the happiness. Desire ... is not gone with the wind.: ^) (1 hour ago)
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