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"I love animals and many of us do. They’re so expressive and it makes you wonder what they’re thinking of. You see the innocence in their eyes and you know it’s genuine. Let’s not forget to mention their ever ready playful demeanor. When you combine these vibrant attributes with photography, it sets up for some endearing work. Cue in animal photographer, Jessica Trinh."[fstoppers.com]
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@miranpark88 She takes the cutest pictures of the dogs.
5 years ago·Reply
Akita dog!!! This is one of the smartest dog I have seen :!!!!
5 years ago·Reply
@Tapsamai They are very intelligent dogs. I love dogs. XD
5 years ago·Reply
on the forth slide - is it shiba inu?
4 years ago·Reply
@janekhon She never actually says so in the article, but that's what I'm thinking it is too.
4 years ago·Reply