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G-Dragon announced Big Bang’s comeback by changing his hair style. On May 30 at midnight, YG Entertainment, Big Bang’s agency, released a teaser video of G-Dragon for Big Bang’s special edition album Still Alive on its official blog YG Life. G-Dragon, who released some photos of himself having intense red hair with flames in the background last time, appeared with blond hair in the teaser video this time. In the same music video, G-Dragon shows two different hair styles. G-Dragon shows off his calm, chic look with rich blond hair that covers his eyes and creates a distinctive look with lip piercing. G-Dragon’s rap that almost sounds like murmuring maximizes the sad atmosphere of the video and increases people’s expectations on Big Bang’s new song “Monster.” Because G-Dragon has always shown sensational styles when new songs were released, people are now curious what type of style he will show in the music video of “Monster.” Including “Monster,” Big Bang’s new album includes four more new songs, “Still Alive,” “Feeling,” “Ego,” “Bingle Bingle.” Big Bang will release the special edition album Still Alive online on June 3 and offline on 6. Source: STARNEWS
no matter what his hairstyle is, GD's still one of the most talented musical artist i've ever known. aja! ;D
luv u...luv u...luv. u...waiting 4u....