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I only spent a few days with Jimin and Suga. They were busy and I was busy and it made it a little easier to move on. They said me ignoring Namjoon has messed with him. They had tried to understand him but he wouldn't tell them anything. He just locks himself in his room unless they have to go to the studio or work. I did feel bad but I wasn't the one who said that we couldn't be friends. Finally after about a week I went to the dorms to see everyone. Namjoon answered the door. I thought he would be locked in his room. "Hi" He said with a smile. "Hi" I said looking down. In a second Jimin came to the door shoving Namjoon out of the way. "(Y/n) it's been so long I missed you!!" "Ha I missed you too..." I glanced at Namjoon and wanted to run. I saw the hurt in his eyes. I quickly looked back to Jimin. "What?" He asked. "Let's go inside." I said grabbing his hand and pulling him to his room. "Wow you missed me that much. SUGA I'M GETTING LUCKY TONIGHT YOU LOSE!" Jimin screamed so everyone could hear. "Dude your not getting lucky." I laughed "LET ME JOIN!" Suga said literally running to us. Suga slammed the door once we were all in. "Dude you think he'll break soon?" Jimin asked laughing "He should I mean...we have been pretty good at talking about you." Suga said looking at me. "I'm a little confused though....he looks hurt. Why is he hurt?" "We don't know. I keep pestering him but he won't tell either of us." Suga said "I don't like it....I think we just need to stop now. He doesn't need to be hurting." I was being a bitch doing this to him just because I was hurt. "What! You just want to say it's over?" Jimin asked "Yea...I just....I can't handle him being hurts me more....and to know that it's probably because of me it hurts." "(Y/n) he might cave now." Suga said "It's ok. I'm getting over him...I truly am. I just came over here to see you all since I missed you but....I think I'll go away for awhile." "What no....don't leave." I walked to the door. "It's better if I just leave. Your friendship needs to stay intact so just work on that." I opened the door and walked out. This was the last time I'd be here for awhile. I slipped my shoes on and quickly and quietly left the dorm. I put my headphones in and started walking. The music made me feel better. I really wonder if he's happy not being friends with me. I'm not happy but then again I'm in love with the idiot and everything is destroyed. Why did I think listening to everyone else was a good idea. If I had just listened to myself I could have been more than friends with Namjoon. I feel like an idiot myself. I ended up at a park. I climbed up the slide and just hid at the top. Tears kept falling. I promised myself I would just get over him but tonight I'm allowed to cry. Once I'm done crying over him tonight I can really move on. I don't know how long I was there for but once I had calmed myself down I went home. I had other things to keep my mind busy. Only a few days had passed since I stopped all communication with everyone from BTS. I was not really happy about it but it was the only way. Sadly I got a nice surprise at work today. BTS was there for an appearance and I had Namjoon again and Jimin this time. I guess Suga had tried to get me too but they said I wouldn't have enough time for all of them. I was thankful for that. Namjoon came over to my area first. "Hi (y/n)." He said and when I looked at him I was really worried. " look terrible." I started grabbing makeup to cover up the bags under his eyes. "It's been hard." He said and I started my work. After I made his skin look perfect, you couldn't tell he had lost sleep. Then I started the rest of my work. He sat there quietly. "You know sleep is amazing...." I said and he didn't respond. "Namjoon?" I stopped what I was doing and looked at him. Had he fallen asleep? This guy.... I finished working on him and just sat there looking at him. I didn't have the heart to wake him up. "Namjoon....please don't lose anymore need all the energy you can....we may not be friends but I still care." I don't know why I decided to speak my feelings to him. It was better this way because then I could clean my slate. "(Y/n)!!!!" Jimin yelled from across the room causing Namjoon to wake up. "Hi" I smiled at him "Oh your done? Sorry I didn't mean to fall asleep on you." "It's need rest idiot. Now go rest in your room till you go on." "Ok." He got up and left but quickly gave me a hug. I stood there frozen after he left. "So friends again?" Jimin asked sitting down. "No." "Then why did he hug you?" "I don't know." Then I started working on Jimin. He kept making jokes and acting like usual. After he was done he gave me a hug and went back to the group. After that I took a little break and went to watch BTS on stage. It never failed they always grabbed my attention and kept me watching...although this time I was watching Namjoon. Now even though he was tired he had so much energy on stage. I waited until they were done and as they all walked by me I said hi and was giving out high fives. "You guys are always so amazing." I said following V. "Yea we are." He laughed. "Well have a good rest of the night. See you guys later." I waved bye to them and turned back to walk to my area. I had to do one more artist then I could go home. "You did great today (y/n)" my boss said "Thanks it was really busy." "Enjoy your day off tomorrow, when you get back it'll be busy again." She said and walked away. I grabbed my stuff and walked out. It was a nice cool night. I loved walking Lately. After several minutes I arrived at my apartment building. *RingRing* "Hello?" "(Y/n) where are you?" "I'm at my apartment why?" "I'm at your apartment I have something to tell you." "Jimin why didn't you call sooner how long have you been waiting." I ran into the building hitting the elevator button. He hung up. What the heck was going on. The elevator opened and I went in quickly and pushed my floor the door started to shut when I heard. "Hold the elevator!" So I quickly pushed the open door button. In ran Namjoon. Oh crap. "Thank you.... (y/n)" "No problem. Which floor?" "Oh sorry." He pushed the floor he was going to. Hurry up, hurry up.....why was this taking forever it's normally so fast. "(Y/n) can we talk?" I shook my head. I wasn't ready for this. "Come on just listen to didn't even let me finish that time." "Namjoon stop!" I said and when I did the whole elevator shook. It stopped moving. Oh God not again. I quickly pushed the help button but no one answered. That's strange. I sat down in the corner and pulled out my phone. Please work....please work....and nothing. Dangit it worked last time. "Are you ok?" I pulled my legs close to me and wrapped my arms around them. "I'm fine." I said. This time I wasn't as terrified as the first time...I was just scared all my feelings and emotions would come out the longer we were stuck in here.
Alright what do you think????? I'm super excited now I get to write what I've been waiting on since I started chapter 2 of this story lol.
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can she listen to him for bloody 2 minutes??!!
-lies in hospital bed and all you can hear is *BEEEEEEEEEPP*-
i literally had a moment of pure hostility towards you.... loved it 😘😘😘😘😘
Nooooo right at the good part!!! Ahshdjjsjsbhsjd
amazing as always. you write wonderfully
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