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Beyonce slays. Always.

That's not a secret, but what was a secret was the fact that the gorgeous white lace dress she wore to the Grammy's happened to be a wedding dress. Yes, you read that correctly -- a wedding dress. When you're Beyonce, you can practically wear a wedding dress to the grocery store and no one would question it.
This breathtaking wedding gown was a piece from fashion designer, Inbal Dror's collection. From the lace to the sheer to the gorgeous embroidery, Queen Bey nailed it -- but that was expected anyway. Last year at the Grammy's, Giuliana Rancic stunned the red carpet in a beautiful black jumpsuit by Dror, but how many other people could get away with wearing a wedding gown on the red carpet? I'll wait. Keep scrolling to see the gorgeous gown below.

Would you have ever guessed this was a wedding gown?

Do you love it even more now?
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Def a glamified wedding dress! I would've have known first glance @nicolejb
2 years ago·Reply
somehow I don't like this dress..yeah kind of wedding look alike but maybe just don't suit with beyonce I guess
2 years ago·Reply
I think a lot of people felt the same way @atmi
2 years ago·Reply
sorry. I thought the dress was ugly..
2 years ago·Reply
no worries lol a lot of people did @TiffanyPerez
2 years ago·Reply