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*clap* *clap* *pray*
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wats the name of this anime
2 years agoReply
Outbreak Compnay!!! By far... one of my favorite animes!!!! (not exaggerating) It's a Comedy Fantasy Shounen Parody. It's about this boy who's an otaku and his mission or job to spread his otaku ways to people of a fantasy world...If you've watched a decent amount of anime.. you'll love thissssss References towards Attack on Titan, Kuroku No Basket, Izuma Eleven, Magi and much more! Not to mention it's hilarious!!! *phew* sorry... it's just I really love this anime :)
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"Outbreak Company" *
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pray to the boobs
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@pkmngmlcmlulu Yes! Praise them! 馃檹
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