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So as we all know, I'm moving the story on wattpad. So I'm trying to find people who don't mind changing their name on wattpad, or even getting a wattpad to be the characters. And reply to people as the characters. It's just something fun that we thought of and we thought that you guys would like helping out. So if you're interested. The names are Yusai Sena Hakin higirashi Kimi Retana Star Lai Leoni Juna Leoni Samil Hatsuma Jay Hatsuma Camille Hatsuma Ok! If anyone wants more character information or have any questions of what I'm asking just message me and ask ^_^
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@mymi yes @toriesp1 thanks it's something I found
@KiraHitomi thanks
Let me know when you changed your name on wattpad, there should be a picture of star on one of the pictures @mymi
haa so how does this work exatly
@NathanBryden so basically you'll pick a character. Which by the was star, Samil, Keita, and Camille are taken. Then you'll change your name on wattpad and change your profile picture to their character. And when the story is posted and people comment. The "characters." Can reply to them.