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Waifu Wednesday: Harem Edition!!

Hey everyone! It's Waifu Wednesday!!!

That means it's time to post up alllllll your waifu. I've teamed up again with our resident harem master @BlackoutZJ to try out another HAREM MADNESS edition of Waifu Wednesday!

I still don't really have a "harem," lol, so today I'll be posting two "harems" of my own...you'll see what they are ;)

(image from anime suisei no girgantia)
You can learn more about Harem Madness (an ongoing series by @BlackoutZJ) over here, and join in today by posting up your Harem, or your Waifu, Husbando, or whatever it is that you love!! :D

Join us in today's Harem Edition of Waifu Wednesday!

Tagging the previous WW participants ^^
I'll have to do a late ww
@MajahnNelson Sweet!! Looking forward to it ^-^
@hikaymm it's ok
@Yatosgirl No worries!!! Sorry just saw this ^-^
DANG IT practice got in the way....
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